• Have you seen the PedEgg on TV?
  • I have used several foot soaks from Bath and Body works. One is called "Mega Mint" another is "Foot Reflexology", and my favorite is called "Footloose and Fancy Fizz." Use 2-3 times a week did wonders for my painful cracked feet.
  • This is going to sound funny but trust me on this. If you have Horrible cracked heels there is this product called body butter. SlumberParties sells this. It is great for the skin and cracked heels. check it out, it is also multifunctional. lol go to and type in the search body butter. I beleive it to be about 9.50-10.00.
  • Baby oil
  • rub some pure almond oil on them - it works like magic!
  • I use Vaseline on clean feet before bedtime wearing white cotton socks to keep the sheets from getting greasy. I have also used Bag Balm. Soak your feet the next day and use a pumice stone to get rid of the dry cracked skin, if you can reapply the treatment and keep the socks on, you should be on your way to healing soon. Another thing that can cause cracking in the feet is Athletes foot so make sure you know what is causing the problem.
  • Gold Bond foot cream. I heard it was awesome.
  • Try Bath & Body works body cream. It's pretty good.
  • There is this product called Corn Huskers Lotion. Very thick and smells horrible, but it will work. Found at most drugs stores and supermarkets. Use in the morning and at night before bed.
  • I came across this article that might be of help to you.

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