• Corporate greed took a hold of "music" some time back and I believe that the damage it caused is irreversible. Perhaps that's what Don Mclean spoke of in his classic "American Pie" (...But something touched me deep inside.., the day the music died...)
  • I just think it is how life works, and our kids someday will think that their kids are listening to crap.
  • I agree! I mean it was so real when I was young, Milli Vanilli, New Kids, Tiffany... LOL! Seriously though, that's just how it goes until they develop an ear for music and identify what REAL music is!
  • Because music is all going downhill and those making music no longer think that training and lessons, and learning from others that preceded them is necessary. THey al think they are gifted and can decide for themselves what is wonderful to their ears. And their friends support them and say they are wonderful, the whole time taking music down the dumper even more.
  • actually thats all pop music ever was, in any decade. i know we hold some classic pop in high regard but overall its always been manufactured crap
  • i think you may be right i myself am 16 i like all music apart from emo Gothic stuff just to loud but my dad abuses the music i listen to but the music in the 80s and all that i think is ok music and most of the music is crap because of the rapper wannabes
  • There has always been 'good music' and 'bad music' since ancient times. What has changed is that modern technological developments have made it easy for the peddlers of bad music to bring it to a wide audience. Now that the quality of a composition or performance is a secondary factor in determining its fate, the bad musicians and their paltry efforts are much harder to avoid.
  • You sound just like my father.
  • The kids of the future don't need to do shit. If they like what you call manufactured crap, then they like it. I don't see why they would "need" to do anything at all.
  • I believe music started to die the day MTV came on. The image is what is more important today. Now there is also the availibility of downloading one song at a time, which potentially makes every song a throw-away single. Some bands still make conceptual, deep albums, but that is going away little by little, because the industry wants to squeeze as much out of an artist they can, then dump them for the next. Bands today get one album deals. That is terrible. I blame the industry, and our ADD culture that is hungry (and I believe now hungrier) for the next new thing.
  • True said, the music of today is diabolical!, just check out tue the top 40 and it makes you cringe when you hear the number one of the week. We had great artists right up untill the early and mid nineties when everything suddenly began deteriorate slowly..... to day we have un-iconic lyrics like "with you with you with you with you..........(just keep singing that for 5 minutes and watch yourself choke) or the other song 'suicidal' and the true sound of today's crap lyrics (shut up and drive more like shut up and die). People just don't have enought of true life experience to write songs and everyone wants a type of look or feel or emulate something or the other (where has the originality gone?.....) its all about airhead girlbands who haven't got a clue about the real world being pushed by giant corporations to sell anything even if it is crap, that is why there are so many radio stations playing older music(just to remind us of how music should be)
    • mushroom
      Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got love in my tummy And I feel like a-loving you. Nearly 50 years ago since that brilliantly deep anthem was released on the world. yecch.
  • I think since we lost the mogul of music himself, John Peel, people don't have a musical moral compass by which to bear their directions anymore. He was into it all, from Country, to Metal, all the way to hard dance music like Hardcore. But never did I ever dislike a song he played when I listened to his show on the radio. On the radio in the office I have to put up with Radio One and it's constant stream of pretentious, over dramatised rubbish. Most of the songs (except the odd crumb of comfort, Prodigy etc) are just terribly contrived and so benal that it's hard to tell one artist from the other.
  • (screaming) Warning, Old Poop Alert! ;+
  • I don't know... I'm heading for my 40s now <gulp>, and there is some brilliant, experimental, innovative music... I don't think one can make a judgement like that. I think a great deal of popular music throughout history has been crappy because most people don't have very sophisticated musical taste. The music that survives tends to be special for some reason, which creates the illusion that things were better in the past. If you took a time machine back to your twenties, you'll discover that most of it was JUST as annoying as most of the music now.
  • And what would be real music, in your opinion?

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