• I think that's Jell-O, not yogurt, for obvious reasons...
  • Believe it or not, yogurt is ALIVE with bacteria! But don't worry - it's good for you!! Lactic acid bacteria are put in the yogurt and that' what gives it that yogurt taste!! Kind of sour, right? Right. Don't freak out... eating yogurt is good for you! And, if you're ever dealing with a "stomach virus," eat a serving or two of yogurt and that bacteria helps you out of your bind!!
  • Live yogurt has cultured bacteria that is good for the digestive system. If it doesn't say live, active, or cultured bacteria, then the yogert isn't alive...
  • Some yogurt has active cultures that made it change from milk into yogurt. These bacteria change the texture, taste and health benefits of milk into yogurt. They are alive, like little yeasts, that can grow and multiply. When you eat some of them, they can flourish and grow in your digestive system, making you digest your food better and keeping you healthy.
  • Yogurt contains active bacteria that helps your digestive system. These are also the bacteria that make milk into yogurt.
  • It means that if you leave it in your fridge for too long, the cultures will colonize into a macro-organism that will escape and be bent on TOTAL ANNIHILATION.
  • Hello? All food is alive.
    • WaterMaster
      What about salt? Salt is a food and it isn't alive.
  • Technically it is, since its made of bacteria and bacteria is a liveing thing.

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