• actually, in most cases, it = COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IF YOU EMBED.
  • Disabling embedding does nothing. Links can be shared just as easily. If you don't want people to see you dancing to Lady Marmalade, just don't put them up there in the first place. EDIT: MY ANSWER IS NOT WORTHY! OH NOES!
  • I'm pretty sure I don't understand the question, but here goes anyway...if you are doing something by request you are performing a I think that is neither brave nor cowardly, you're just being a good guy/gal. Now, since I'm not sure what you're talking about my answer is probably way off point..Happy Sunday! :) no pc :(
  • 1) I sometimes find this on YouTube if I want to use a video in one of my Answerbag answers. This means that I can post the link to the video, so people can click the link and watch it on YouTube, but I cannot put it as an embedded video in my answer. 2) A reason for doing this is that the makers or the owners of the video explicitely do not wish to have it directly used in any context on any webpage. They could also want to limit the number of places where it could be seen, for instance because of copyrights (i.e. money that they could get for it). For instance, YouTube could refuse that the videos for which they have bought the rights be embedded somewhere else, where people don't see also all the advertisements of the YouTube site... 3) A similar feature are private videos, which you will only be able to watch after you accepted the user's friend request. Here an example:
  • Aye! I find it particularly lame, especially when it is an "Artist" who will post a Youtube video but not allow it to be shared elsewhere so long as it is in a not-for-profit way. They are only hurting their own bottom line by limiting their exposure to more viewers.
  • May be a coward move, but it doesn't actually work, as YouTube themselves allow you to embed the videos anyway... Check out which asks you to copy the page URL of a "embedding disabled" video into a box. Click the submit button, and you get back the embed code, which is derived from the YouTube site itself! Anyway, just check out Greetings! Dominique

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