• Maybe, but I wonder, how much of a hick are you?
  • i would call your pediatrician but i'd think that goats milk wouldn't be such a hot idea. and no wonder he can't tolerate cow's milk...he's only 5 months old!
  • Your 5 month old can't tolerate cows milk because humans aren't meant to drink cows milk. I would think that goats milk would be harder to tolerate. Either get a wet nurse, have the child's mother relactate (which is possible, but difficult) or cough up the dough for the formula. My daughter is on formula that costs $26 a can. So don't feel so bad. But at this age he can start with food. What ever veggies you make for yourself, make some for him. Just make them softer, add a little of the water from steaming them and get some whole grain baby cereal and add it in till its a nice consistency. It costs less then $2 a box and there is a lot. There vitamins but he should still get most of his nutrients from formula or breast milk.
  • I'm not too sure about goats milk...have you tried soy milk? My little brother was deathly allergic to dairy for years and that's what they always had him on.
  • Goats milk has been used for a very long time for infants that cannot tolerate cows milk. I would talk to your pediatrician and chances are he/she will tell you that it is worth a try :)
  • Your grandson isn't tolerating cow's milk because he is only 5 months old. The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends introduction of regular milk at ONE YEAR of age. So try backing off to a good formula. I'll bet he starts feeling better right away. Please consult your pediatrician.
  • Depending on why he can't tolerate cows milk probably not. Here's information on the topic:
  • At 5 months he should be latched on to his mothers tit! Children should be breast fed for at least a year and better for 5 years or more.

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