• The Anchor!
  • The Coffee Shop; best food in town, really nice people and really cheap. It's been around since the 1920's.
  • Brazos River Cafe I've seen Alice Walton ( Wal-Mart) eat there so it must be good
  • There's this awesomely ghetto restaurant 3 blocks from my house, I don't think it has a name. There are like 6 tables in the whole place, the food is exquisite and crazy cheap. I'm pretty sure they launder money. Also! They don't have a liquor license, so there's no corking fee for whatever you want to bring in: even malt liquor. It's my favorite place to take dates, just to watch their expression. I walk into the liquor store and get a bottle of wine from a crazy old Italian man who knows me by name, and come out with a dusty bottle in a brown paper bag. Then we go into this place that, on the outside, looks like they serve shoe-stew or something. Poor girls probably frantically text their friends to save them from what they think is going to be the worst experience of their life, and then it turns out to be amazing. I have way too much fun with it.
  • bartahatchie outback...its family owned and has the best catfish both fried and grilled and some awesome steaks. oh and there fried and grilled chicken is wonderful..handbattered!
  • Mole's Eye Cafe Brattleboro VT
  • Unfortunately it just closed not long ago,it was called Kiah's Squeeze In.It was the best soul food I have ever eaten.
  • Knight's BBQ. They just sold their business, recently. Damn it!
  • litle breakfast joint called "The Ritz" diner, indoor seating for 12 with 4 more at the counter - 60 min wait to get in is not uncommon, best food in the county
  • Pizza Factory...THE MOST amazing pizza in my town...
  • Bobo's in Schiller Park, Illinois. Great Hamburgers, BBQ sandwiches and fries! In Kentucky, Sam's Hot Dogs. I almost forgot, "The Diner Grill" Lakeview 1635 W Irving Park Rd Chicago. Late night burgers and the slinger!
  • The Kabob House is a little store-front restaurant in a strip mall. It is Hubby's favorite place. We also found a wonderful Italian Restaurant in a shopping center by pure luck in San Rafael. At a motel, we looked online and got the name and address. It looked like nothing more than a doorway in the corner of the mall, but the inside was huge, and the food was out of this world. There was even a wonderful selection of fine wine.
  • Bobby and June's, on 14th Street in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The White Spot, Charlottesville, VA.
  • As I did not know what that meant, I researched it: "hole in the wall restaurant A restaurant usually having very limited space, sometimes as little as 300 square feet. It is usually locally owned and operated. It may or may not be serving ethnic food. These were the earliest form of restaurants. Each restaurant tends to be unique. These are by far my favorite places to eat. They tend to be simple and basic. The owner loves to be friendly with his patrons and will come out and talk to customers. You sometimes have to wait to get in, but it's usually worth it. A place where Gastronomy is practiced as a high art. Examples include: Thai Food Ethiopian food Korean Food Chinese food soul food Indian food Italian Cuisine French Food Vietnamese cuisine Examples: Las Manitas Avenue Cafe, Austin, Texas Gypsy Cafe, Yellow Springs, Ohio El Farolito Taqueria, Mission District of San Francisco Nancy's Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio Five Feet Restaurant, Laguna Beach, California The Starliner Diner, Hilliard, Ohio Calamity Cafe, Huntington, West Virginia Thurman Cafe, Columbus, Ohio Cafe Metropole, Savannah, Georgia Bistro Montage, Portland, Oregon Cafe Comptoir Chez Mimi, Lyon, France Taqueria Cancun, Mission District of San Francisco Three Restaurants on Foster Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Casbah Tea House, Tucson, Arizona Pellegrini's, Melbourne, Australia The Green Room Cafe, Toronto,Canada Lambert's Cafe, Ozark, Missouri Paradox Cafe, Portland, Oregon Victorian's Midnight Cafe, Columbus, Ohio The Friendship Cafe, Portland, Maine The Hemalaya Tandoori Restaurant London" Source and further information: There are a lot of such restaurants around my place, I don't really have a favorite...
  • Tina's in Cali
  • I don't even remember the name! Talk about hole in the! We just call it the fried chicken place. Makes the best chicken around!
  • There's a small, local chain of Mexican restaurant's called El Maguey here in the St. Louis area. I go to the one on Chippewa in the city. Small, inexpensive...and good!
  • Instant Replay. Their wings puts Hooters, yes, Hooters, to shame.
  • New York Pizza in Seal Beach, CA. GREAT thin-crust pizza!

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