• EDIT. Oh that was weird. I thought I was answering the fat soldier question. Sorry!
  • Depends where you live.....are you eligible for Employment insurance if you quit? If so, yes. If not, hang in and try to get to the bottom of the problem.
  • Does it really matter, I recently lost my job on sunday. I never got fired, my friend that works with me told me I was going to get fired. I just never showed up, thats like going to the principles office, getting ready to tell you your expelled. Which has happend to me, twice..I never showed up and still with through the legal process, just skipped the embarrasement. But, thats just my way of doing it..Good luck :D
  • LOL ! That is what people do .... Hope you don't get fired :-) !
  • Why not try to succeed? (But, if you hate it THAT much, find other employment first).
  • On a resume, "Reason for Leaving" will not look too good with "fired" on it for any future job applications. Just a tip. :)

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