• Basically, no! It's just to easy! Forgivness should be earnt
  • Forgiveness from who? I always think forgiveness should be granted if the person *really* means it. We are all human and make mistakes (big and small) that we can't take back.
  • exactly you need to earn forgiveness, and i bbet that is the crimes were bad enough the victims will not accept a forgiveness given on your death bed. Also do you personally know someone this happened to?
  • I am of two minds on this question. First of all, I have always had a problem with deathbed repentance. Part of the repentance process is making amends for the wrongs that you do. With deathbed repentance, the guilty party is saying he's sorry when it is really too late to make amends. At this point the person really has nothing to lose from his admission. He's dying. Therefore, he has no further need of his worldly possessions or wealth nor does his reputation really matter. So, I question the sincerity of such repentance. On the other hand, forgiveness really isn't for the person who did the wrong. Rather, it is for the person wronged. When a person forgives another for some offense, what the person offering the forgiveness is really doing is letting go of the hard feelings. That person is letting go of the anger, the hate, the bitterness, the need for revenge. In other words, he is letting go of the emotions that drag people down and destroy their souls. When you forgive someone, that does not mean that the wrong doer doesn't still have to accept the consequences of his actions. It does not mean that you do not want to see justice done. What it means is that, whether justice is done or not, you are not going to let the wrong doer's actions affect you negatively. It means that you are not going to spend the rest of your life bemoaning what was done to you. So, for what it is worth, I try to, and eventually do forgive everyone who I think has wronged me. In so doing I leave their fate in the hands of the appropriate temporal and eternal authorities and let it go at that.
  • How can a child rapist, a serial killer, and other serious ciminal crimes, be forgiven on a deathbed? If this were the case, heaven would be full and hell would have vacancies. I do not believe in deathbed forgiveness. it shows no remorse and the victim(s) family never hears the forgiveness. its a copout to save one's self from burning in hell.
  • yeah it should, you figured your wrongs even though it came a tad bit late BUT you still asked for forgiveness and it should count not matter when or what you did
  • yeah it should, you figured your wrongs even though it came a tad bit late BUT you still asked for forgiveness and it should count not matter when or what you did
  • Repentance means to change. While a last minute effort to find comfort with ones relationship to God it denies both the offender and the offended any opportunity to heal and change. Repentenance and forgiveness are processes of healing. If you cheat the process of the time and efforts needed the result may not satisfy any more than the offenders current concerns. The problem probably originated with the offender satisfying their wants or apetites at the expense of the offended. Dead bed repentence appears to be an extension of the "this is all about me" selfish motivations of the offenders. God bless us all as we walk through these processes on either side. Give it the time and effort it requires, don't wait to start building the relationship and understanding of Jesus Christ's gift to us and your building of a heavenly mansion last minutes of your life (John 14:2)It many provide a small place for you in God's heavens.
  • i would think it would depend on what you did

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