• Sadly, it could have gone much worse. I wish the state would learn how to approach these matters. It's a legal mess with no winners.
  • I think it was wrong to separate those children from their mothers but I'm not a cult psychologist, so what do I know?
  • Zieg Heil, y'all!
  • These people who start up these compounds in the name of religion are nothing more than perverts and criminals. In every case to this extreme it seems children and women are always being sexually abused in the name of religion...this is blasphemy and the perps should be hung in the town square. It was obvious these people in Texas knew what they were doing and attempted to conceal there perverted acts.
  • Yet we respect the way of life amongst our Mormon brethren, "polygamy" can not be tolerated in contemporary times. Prof. Mes
  • Texas acted with it usual overreaction It's a great state to live but the legal system is way heavy handed
  • I don't get why there is so much hostility when the law actually steps in to try and rectify a situation and so little hostility when laws are broken in the name of religion or American rights. I know we have to be careful and this situation was something that could have been handled better, but at least someone is trying to stop this atrocity of making slaves out of children. We have all sorts of private compounds in this country that need to be looked into without the USA being accused of turning America into a police state. Let's get rid of the Ayrian nation and gangs next please.
  • I think that who one chooses to marry should be none of any government's concern. I can't pass judgment on this case because I don't know the true details of what they were prosecuting for, and no one really does except those involved.

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