• It's an excuse. Eating healthy does cost more than eating junk, but if he really wanted to do it, he could. In fact if he cut out things like soda and Starbucks and just drank water he'd actually save money and lose weight.
  • Sounds like he has been using the Random Excuse Generator on the internet. It is a very worthy project to want to help your friend, but if he isn't ready, no argument in the world is going to help. You could always offer to prepare his meals for him, using inexpensive food, to prove it isn't true, but that's pretty extreme. When you prove that excuse isn't true, he will just come up with another one.
  • There's nothing wrong with enjoying food. It is one of life's few pleasures. I'll never understand why people don't just say ''I like to eat.''. If you can get him to say that then you stand a chance of following up with suggestions to improve his diet and reduce his caloric intake without taking all the joy out of eating. Tell him that's what's up yo...
  • Eating healthy does NOT have to be expensive, but it DOES take a lot more work than pulling into the Wendy's drive thru. He's only doomed if he dooms himself... but you cannot make his choices for him.
  • Doesnt take any money to exercise, now does it?!? Tell him to start walking.. jogging.. running.. whatever. And it doesnt take money to hold back on how much youre eating.. hey. it even SAVES money. ~+~
  • when he becomes a diabetic an has to get it together ' an eating healthy is'nt exspensive,
  • With that attiutude he's as doomed as doomed can be. That statement isn't even remotely true. Junk food is costly. Fruits and veggies are much cheaper. You can buy a large bag of chips or a large bag of apples for the same price.
  • the best quality foods are usually the most expensive, HOWEVER that doesn't mean he is incapable of making many changes that would better his health. STOP eating junk foods!! drink more water, eliminate sugary foods and drinks from his life, when he eats meat he should, cut off the fat. canned tuna is cheap, a good source of protein and inexpensive, as are eggs and beans. he needs to add vegetables to his life, as well. at 300 lbs, his self-esteem is in the dumps and he needs professional help to regain his health, confidence and life. good luck to him.
  • Depending where you live, healthy food is usually FAR less expensive than junk food. The cheapest food where I live is fresh veggies. You can get 1 week's worth of fresh veg for the same price as a single trip to McDonald's.
  • He needs to be on a steady diet of veggie subs from Subway. After one year, his weight should be considerably less. Veggie subs are just 3.99. A lot cheaper than fast food and its much healthier.
  • I hate fat people like this, his excuse is lame and he doesn't care about his weight. If he wants to get money for an operation then he will just keep on eating until he gets it on the NHS for free and to be honest I don't think he should be entitled to any form of free surgery as it's self inflicted. Also eating healthy is in no way expensive, the foods that claim to be healthy are the rip off ones which you should avoid. A decent sized chicken costs about £4, have some of that with lettuce and veg and some fruit and you will lose weight in no time.
  • 2 apples, a banana and a few grapes costs less than a big mac! A carrot, a small lettuce, a potato and a small can of tuna costs less than a pizza. There are a lot of things that cost less than junk food. That is a poor excuse!
  • your friend is more interested in being a victim and not taking responsibility for his career, health, life. he will be doomed unless he sees that he is the problem.
  • He's playing the victim...eating healthy does not cost more unless you're too lazy to REALLY eat healthy and instead buy a bunch of overpriced diet foods full of all kinds of bad junk. You don't have to eat diet food to lose weight, you can eat natural, simple foods with fresh ingredients and do it for less money. Some of the things he could do is shop at locally grown food markets, international food markets, fruits, vegetables and other fresh herbs etc are cheaper and fresher as well as fish (not expensive, good for you). Most times, it's not how much one eats but what they eat, that makes them lose weight and keep it off for good. It' never pleasant to see that people, companies and employers pass up someone who is smart and qualified for someone who is thinner or more attractive, but it happens often, I guess we all judge the outside first.
  • or course it is expensive to hire a personal trainer, dietician and eat only organic products shipped directly to your home! but these are not the only things that help people lose weight! tell him that instead of watching tv before he goes to bed, to take one lap around the block. soon, he will still have energy to maybe loop 2, 3, times. tell him to limit it to one soda a day, and drink water for the rest. tell him to start cooking in his home, and to limit fast-food to 1 a week. just making changes like these will save money, and help him lose weight.
  • Healthy food is less expensive than junk, especially if you are willing to prepare and cook your own meals. Compare the price of one large potato with a bag of fries, or iced tea (which you can make yourself) with a bottle of pop.
  • healthy food is not expensive food, i hate when people use that as an woman who load up on processed crap(mac n cheese, pizza, soft drinks, etc)in their grocery cart and blam it on the kids..its a hellofalot cheaper to buy a chicken, bag of carrots, celery, and an onion, and eat soup and sanwshiches, and to live healthier and longer than it is to be diabetic, fat and eat crap that will ultimately cost everyone because of of the fact you are too sick and fat to work, but, have a bag of cheesey potato chips, it will make you feel better...(sorry i get aggitated with glutton and sloth like behavior)next time your friend downs a candy bar or two, ask him how many kids he thinks are starving in the world..
  • Nothing against your friend, but the cheapest food in the store is on the produce rack, and fruits and vegetables generally have so few calories that you could stuff yourself sick and not take in enough calories to gain excessive weight. He is not doomed, unless of course he keeps making excuses.
  • His excuse is just that, an excuse. If your friend ate a veggie sub from Subway each day, he would lose weight. he would also have to have a moderate plan of exercise, also. just be sure he is healthy enough. You can talk to him until you are blue in the face. He will never change, until his mind tells him too. You might tell him that he will die early from obesity.
  • Buy him a Richard Simmons video. He is remarkably motivating to people who need to lose a lot of weight. Everybody in my family is now "Sweatin' to the Oldies" and getting slimmer and fitter. Try it. He has probably lost hope and given up. Richard brings hope to all who need to lose weight.
  • He could buy salad, cucumber, apples, canned tuna fish if is on sale.Should drink lots of water, (that is free) As to exercise he can walk daily starting 1 mile and up to 7-8 miles. He will start losing some weight and feel better Hope he will find a job.
  • There's actually some merit to what he says. Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are more expensive than junk food, so they're not easily accessible to someone with a low income. But with that said, it's worth spending a little more money for these healthy foods. Maybe you should try to encourage him and list the benefits he'll receive by eating healthfully. For instance, he'll have more energy and feel better. A positive approach works better than nagging.
  • This is one lousy excuse for being fat. This is my 2nd Answer. i have had time to think a little further, than my previous answer. What goes into a persons mouth is what they are. junk food makes junky bodies. Latest survey of people on food stamps, states that at least 30% of stamp recepients are overweight. they buy junk food instead of food thats nourishing to their body. Your mind controls your body. if you are lazy person, you will contract lazy fat on your body. once its there, its there for a long time. Why don't you do the shopping for your friend? This way its a two way street for him. he respects you for caring for him and you can determine what foods he will eat. If he is sincere in trying to lose weight, your friend will not object to this suggestion by you. Your friend will never agree to this, because he is addicted to junk food.
  • Dumb excuse. He probably spends more than if he ate right, especially eating enough junk food to maintain that weight. Sounds like he's just lazy. Shopping and preparing food takes a lot more effort than eating chips and dip.
  • There are jobs where they hook phone lines up to your house and you call or receive calls from other people. Everyone can work. . He's wrong about the money. He likes certain kinds of foods. Comfort foods. I like them too. We all do. . He needs to eat less of them. So do I as it happens.
  • ANybody who weighs 300 pounds did it to themselves. If he's articulate, and a good person, fine, what does that have to do with being fat? My husband uses the same excuse. If you don't like being fat, excersize, eat less, don't complain about it, there IS something you can do about it, complaining only makes you look pathetic.
  • Yes its a lame excuse and the oldest one in the book..yet people don't mind spending all their money on chocolates and pizza..mention a healthy snack and its "oooh I can't afford it"..seriously he is damaging his one will want to employ him and yes unless his attitude changes he will stay over-weight..He needs to start exercising ideally walking or swimming at first and slowy begin to replace some of the junk food with healthy food..though its his life we can only offer advise :D

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