• It helps but the person's habits still have to change for it to work. The drug clamps on to fat taken in by food and prevents its calories from being absorbed into the body. The fat then comes out (get ready for it) with your feces. If you eat a large pizza, you're still taking in a ton of calories and Alli won't do much for you. It will still siphon off some of the fat but not enough to make a difference. But if you eat a grilled chicken sandwich, it will help you by preventing your body from taking in some of the fat from an already lower-calorie food. What's important to remember is that it doesn't suppress your appetite. It's not the type of "diet pill" that people usually think of. But if you're changing your habits anyway, it can give you a bit of a boost.
  • Yes it does. I've been taking it for a month and a half now but like fredhetz said, in order for it to work, you have to change your eating habits. Its helped me do that 100%, whenever I started a diet, I would give up after 2 weeks. But this pill has helped me eat healthy. I know that if I eat something greasy or high in fat, I will have trouble controlling my stool, and I don't want that. So I've been very careful and I have successfully lost 8 lbs without even exercising and without being hungry. If you're considering taking it, I definitely recommend it.
  • Yeah, if you like pooping your pants.

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