• Aliens? I doubt it. But thats just me. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Theres quite a few of them. "Look! In the sky! What is that?" "I dont know" ..its a UFO. Unidentified. And its flying. And its an object. lol.
  • aliens and UFOs? an alien could be someone from another country: if so, yes, I believe in them! :-) a UFO? well, anything that is unidentified and flying is a UFO, so until it becomes an IFO (Identified Flying Object), I believe it is a UFO. But do I believe we are being visited by beings from outside earth? Definitely. They are called Angels. Once the Son of God was here in person, walked the earth for over 30 years, died on the cross for our sins, then rose again to prove his power over death and sin. There is proof for his existence. People met him, walked with him, lived under the same roof as him. They were interviewed and their memories of him recorded. What evidence is there for extraterrestrials (as per Star Trek etc)? Not much. Nothing verifiable.
  • Aliens ??? depends on your defination of live. UFO's - that is just ANYTHING that is unidentified and flys. so those are up there but probably plane or balloons.
  • Well I think that we would be pretty self serving and stuck up to believe that out of all that vast galaxies, universes, cosmos, that exists out there beyond our little speck of dust we call Earth, that we, Earthlings are the only inhabitants in ALL of that vastness. Our minds cannot even grasp how many miles that is, we have to go to light years to measure the distances. Our "Milky Way" galaxy that we exist in is not the only galaxy out there, so to assume that we are "it" is pretty presumptive.

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