• Yeah they are. They promote witchcraft, slavery, and manhunts. *eyeroll*
  • They are cursed with success, and seem immune to failure. Worse yet, they will have to live with that curse, as even a kiss cannot cure it.
  • Not at all. As a grown man I actually enjoy these movies a lot. They are well directed and acted. I will say a benediction in honor of J.K. Rowling. Does JK mean Just Kidding?
  • Of course not. I personally don't enjoy them, but I still find it stupid how all those bubble people keep damning them like people did to Dungeons&Dragons in the seventies, saying it was the work of the Devil or like Devil worshipping cults and sects. I can't believe that in this day and age, people would still be so ignorant over a form of entertainment and its contents. And MAINSTREAM, at that. Wonder what the hell those people would think if they saw movies like Doctor Zhivago. I'm almost scared to submit this in case some mob comes after me and decides to execute me or something.
  • If so they "seem" better off than many blessings ;)
  • In as much as some religious people 'curse' things they don't approve of, yes.
  • Not those of Harry Potter's yet those days we spent for watcing them...Gosh!
  • Good movies, all of them. And the heroes would make great role models for anyone.
  • I wouldn't think so judging by the box office. Superman is however ;)

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