• One word. Fail.
  • He is trying to prove something to himself or his friends. He is on his way to getting an STD (IF he doesn't already have one).
      Or several...
  • That guy is lonely
  • I think he is gross, and insecure. I also think I would stay away from him.
  • He's defining himself by the nubmer of women he can sleep with. Sad.
  • moment of truth much? hes a loser...
  • I think he epitomizes the sleaziness and shallowness that has run rampant in our society. Very sad.
  • Wow. He'll never find love using Excel as a dating service, LOL. Seriously, though, sounds like a guy with some issues.
  • He does sound like a bit of a prick! Perhaps he's just not very bright! Have you seen the spreadsheet - what does he log on it? How funny - I do believe he is worthy of much piss-taking by you and all your friends - begin at once.
  • On the positive side: Organized. On the negative: Given that he probably brags about it he needs too much reassurance from other people to have a sense of self-worth.
  • That he must be the first account who actually managed to have sex.
    • Linda Joy
  • just another male slut, thinking that sort of behavior is ok. If it was a woman, she would be called alot of very unpleasant names. Why? There is a double standard when it comes to men and women and their sexual numbers. If a woman sleeps with alot of men, she is a slut.If a man does, he is considered a success. This is such BS. That guy is a loser and a loose slut!
  • I'd think he was an engineer type who was unable to express himself very well. And depending upon how old he is, that could only be 4 women a year.
  • I think that's really gross and an extreme case of objectification.
  • Man must be on an ego trip. Sooner or later, this list will be his death warrant. He will finally meet Miss Right and then his life will turn all wrong, especially if she discovers the "list". I know a man that did this and got away with it for years. His gears slipped and he decided to make a website folder of his trophies. His wife discovered it and used it against him in divorce court. She won it all.
  • Super creeper.
  • I don't think much of him.
  • I believe he has some type of major problem but I can't help but to wonder how short his life will be.
  • Insecure, non-caring, and sad! Obviously, he could care less about women, but yet, if his charts are true, some of the women seem to have the same problem. Will there ever come a day, when "being a man" is not measured by how many women you bed, but by how mature and caring we are?
  • Once upon a time it was called being a womanizer or playboy. Today the term seems to be PUA (Pick Up Artist). Back in the day, I was one, and back then most like me kept the proverbial 'little black book'. I never did, as that was for guys who intended to return again and again, while avoiding the gals that were 'dead fish' in bed. Since I never gave a gal more than three sessions, the LBB was superfluous. Back then more than three screws and the gal started assuming ownership...nowadays I hear it only takes one sexless date! So what do I think of guys like that? I think they are either very brave or very foolish, given the legal bludgeon women now weild. In my day, we PUAs were very smart to be able to con women out of freebies, without falling prey to their myriad ploys of entraping a guy into unwanted marriage and babies. Back then sex was like a chess game, and the odds were only slightly in favor of women. Guys wanted free sex. Gals wanted marriage and babies. In every game there is a winner and a loser....and in every game there are them that play fair, and them that cheat.
  • disgusting person
  • It'll make it easier to contact them when he gets an STD.

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