• i am sure she would be granted immunity.
  • If she was convicted, I'm sure her legal representitives will plea bargain to have her conviction waived.
  • Homicide investigations don't go after people for little things like drugs or whatnot. They only go after killers.
  • Murder is a much bigger crime than prostitution. I am sure they would overlook it or grant amnesty to get her on the stand.
  • The prosecutor would waive the prostitution charge most likely. Prosecutors have a certain degree of latitude in charging decisions. In my judgment due to the seriousness of the murder charge and the fact that it may be argued that the prostitute may be a lucky target of the killer no charge would be filed. I would say the prostitute is fairly safe from the charge given the circumstances.
  • Her lawyer would undoubtedly make immunity for her a condition of the deal! :(
  • No way. She could work out a deal, and walk with no problem!
  • Almost anyone could walk if they helped convict a serial killer. Even accomplices to murder have gotten off completely or at least very lightly if they helped convict the main suspect.

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