• I was going to just type all of the ones I knew... and I actually started... But this is a more effective way.
  • not in any real order.... Classic(Eric Clapton), Southern(Lynard Skynard), Numetal(Nickleback), Psycedelic(Pink Floyd), Pop Rock(Linkin Park), Punk(The Unseen), Metal(Black Label Society), Hardcore(Norma Jean), Deathmetal(Six Feet Under), Mainstream(My Chemical Romance), Hair(Poison), Power Ballet(Meat Loaf), Screamo(Hawthorne Heights), Emo(Oneline Overdrawing), Goth(HIM), Industrial(Rammstien) and then you have mixes of these... But that is most I can think of.
  • pop/rock rock hard rock soft rock progressive rock heavy rock metal hair metal heavy metal clasical rock phycodellic hardcore death metal emo gothic rock alternative punk clasical free style blues southern rock black metal screamo numetal british steel glam rock grunge mainstream bower ballet gothic metal and industrial and thats about it...
  • soft rock, hard rock, progressive rock, heavy metal and punk rock.
  • man...there are hundreds, two bands can have very little difference yet be classified as different genre's. Metal all the way!
  • Acid punk Acid rock Action rock Afro-punk Alternative metal Alternative rock Anatolian rock Arena rock Artcore Art rock Avant-garde metal Avant-rock Avant-progressive rock Baroque pop Beat Bisrock Black metal Blackened death metal Blues-rock Brazilian rock British Invasion Britpop Bubblegum pop Boogaloo C86 Canterbury sound Cello rock Celtic metal Celtic punk Celtic rock Chicano rock Chimp rock Christcore Christian rock Christian metal Classic rock Classic metal Cock rock Coldwave (France) Coldwave (USA) Comedy rock Compressive Rock Country rock Cowpunk Cuddlecore Dance-punk Dance-rock Dark cabaret Dark metal Darkwave Deathcore Deathgrind Death metal Death rock Detroit rock Doom metal Dream Pop Electro Punk Electronic rock Emo Experimental rock Fastcore Folkcore Folk-rock Folk metal Freakbeat Funkcore Funk rock Funk metal Gamecore Garage rock German rock Ghetto Rock Glam metal Glam rock Goregrind Gothabilly Gothic metal Gothic rock Grindcore Groove metal Group Sounds Grunge Grunge metal Hatecore Hard rock Hardcore punk Heartland rock Heavy metal Horror punk Indie pop Indie rock Industrial rock Industrial metal Instrumental rock Iranian rock Japanese rock J-ska Jam rock Jangle pop Kaizerrock Krautrock Latin rock Lovers rock Manila sound Mathcore Math rock Melodic black metal Melodic death metal Metalcore Mod Moshcore Mesh Neo-classical metal Neo-folk Neo-prog Neo-psychedelia New wave NWOBHM Noise pop Noise rock No wave Nu metal Oi! Ostrock Pagan rock Piano rock Pinoy rock Pop rock Porn rock Post punk Post-hardcore Post-grunge Post-metal Post-rock Power pop Power metal Power violence Progressive metal Progressive rock Psychedelic rock Psych-Folk Psychobilly Punk rock Punkabilly Punta rock Queercore Riot grrrl Rockabilly Rock en Español Rock in Opposition (RIO) Rock Opera Rockoson Rocksteady Raga rock Rapcore Reggae rock Russian rock Sadcore Samba-rock Screamo Shoegazing Shock rock Shred metal Ska punk Skate punk Skate rock Sleaze rock Sludge metal Soft rock Soul rock Southern rock Space rock Spazzcore Speed metal Speedrock Stoner metal Stoner rock Sunshine pop Surf rock Swamp rock Symphonic metal Symphonic rock Synth rock Thrash metal Thrashcore Trash rock Trip rock Twee pop Viking metal Wagnerian rock Wizard rock Yacht rock Zeuhl

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