• Yes. Just go to any store that sells body jewerly and get the next gauge size up. (zero being the biggest..)
  • I believe they're called 'plugs'. The plastic ones are very innexpensive and in-style. They go according to 'gauge' and any tattoo/piercing shop sells them.
  • I would never let anyone else stretch my ears. no one else can tell if you're feeling pain or not. Stretching is something that you can safely do yourself, because it shouldn't cause any injury. There's 3 ways you can do it safely. 1. Just wait. You can slip larger jewelry in after awhile just by the natural loosening of your ears. I have no problem waiting a year or two between sizes, so this is the way I usually do it. 2. Teflon tape. It's cheap, in the plumbing section. Just wrap a few layers around straight jewelry, like plugs or barbells. It's nonreactive to skin and has no adhesive. Use alot of lubrication like emu oil or jojoba oil to make it easy to insert. Once or twice a week increase the number of layers (but replace the tape as it gets old.) Do this until you can insert the next size of jewelry. 3. Taper to the next size. Metal tapers are better, especially the long ones that taper gradually. You just insert the taper and follow it with the jewelry flush against the end. Always use lube and STOP if you feel pain, stinging, or burning. A healthy stretch may tingle slightly, but if your ears are red or painful then go back to the previous size. Tapers work well for small sizes but can be hard to work with at larger sizes. Before doing ANY of this, however, realize that stretching is a permanent modification of your body. Don't begin it without thoroughly researching it, the risks, and having a good reason to do it. If you think you may ever tire of larger than average holes in your lobes, don't do it. And if you're a minor, wait until you are 18. Go to and search through the stretching posts, there's a huge community of experienced stretchers that love to answer questions.
  • A sharpened hole puncher should do the trick.
  • Yes. If you just want them marginally bigger, buy starter earrings--the ones they use to pierce ears. They are usually slightly larger than standard earrings. If you want your holes much larger, then you need to go to a piercer and pick an assortment of gauges that will slowly stretch the holes to the size you want. (Just remember, if you stretch them past a certain point they will never fit standard jewelry again.)
  • hi, I bought a new pair of diamond huggies/hoope and the posts are quite thick (compared to my others). They are very painful to wear - just barely got them thru the hole in the back of my ear. I wore them for a short time for a few times. If I keep wearing them like this, will they eventually stretch the hole? I use anti-biotic ointment on the posts before I put them in. I use peroxide afterwards. Thanks.
  • I just gauged my regular ear piercings to 14g with some jewelry I already had..I'm having no trouble with a 14g.. but you might want to try something smaller than that.
  • i think youre better off going to a piercer
  • No, don't. FInd Jesus instead.

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