• I have no idea what clogs are... Some manufacturers, like Nike - will accept old shoes for 'recycling'. I believe that old shoes in decent shape are donated to third world countries where people can use a pair of used shoes. The rest are stripped down for reusable material in SOME cases - not much there can be reused - which is recycled as a material. Leather is a one application material - meaning once it becomes a shoe it is a shoe until it is burnt in a furnace, buried in land fill or is chews up by a puppy. Rubbers are difficult to recycle - most of them can not be melted down (since they are petroleum based manmade rubber which is vulcanized). Tires (as example) are shredded, the metal taken out and they are heat molded into things like floor pads. In the UK the shredded, de-metaled rubber is mixed into the asphalt where it goes from being on the roadbed to being the roadbed which actually helps to increase the life of tires that go over it.
  • maybe you can donate them
  • I wouldn't buy clogs so I would have no need to recycle them. Even if I came across some clogs, I'd probably throw them away. In the garbage. The world doesn't need clogs.
  • some people plant flowers in old boots and clogs not use 2nd hand shoes
  • Clog planters:
  • Donate to a charity.

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