• The first book or writing of laws was the book of Hamurabi. Really an interesting read.
  • I once got a ticket for making a U-turn. I asked the officer how was I supposed to know that was illegal, since there was "No U-turn" sign. He said that I was just supposed to know, by reading the newspapers and such. Stupid cop....I don't know where he was coming from but I went to court, and he didn't, and I didn't have to pay the ticket. *SMILES* (+pts.2.U.)
  • There are laws for just about everything. If everyone knew every law, he would be amazing. I just looked up carrying a knife law, and found out all kinds of interesting things. The laws vary from state to state, as well. If it is driving laws you need, you can get your state driving handbook online. For other types of laws you might wonder about, type the question + your state into to your search box, and the answer will usually be there.
  • Most libraries have a law section pertaining to their state. The local sheriff's dept. has a law library too. Laws change and are enacted so quickly it's hard to keep the entire book up to date...they usually have inerts regarding new laws. But yes, there is a book of laws.
  • There are thousands of law books. In fact a good portion of a law student's training is devoted to finding law inside these thousands of books. You can't make it past the first year of law school without proving your skill in research.

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