• Well are you allergic to Penicillin? I mean i am allergic to Amoxicillin so if i take it i have a Severe Allergic Reaction. Their may be a possibility you are allergic to it. You need to stop taking it, Notify the doctor, and wait till you hear back from them
  • Yes, you could have an allergic reaction. You should contact your doctor and describe your symptoms. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you should continue or change to a different drug. The safest thing to do would be to stop until you have more information.
  • That mild reaction can come back as a worse reaction. Anaphalaxsis where the throat closes off in a bad reaction could cause death. QUIT taking the med and consult your doc. And remember for the next time you have to seek medical tx to inform the intake people who assess you that you have an allergy to it.
  • Yes, you can have a mild reaction but as others have suggested that doesn't mean it will remain a minor reaction. Stop taking it immediately, take a benadryl and call your doctor ASAP.
  • See a doctor. Reactions tend to get worse with successive occurrences. What is a mild reaction this time could be a severe, even dangerous one, next time.
  • yes you must inform your doctor, reactions do get worse, and reactions to penicillin and their base related drugs, can be life threatning for some people.
  • People who ae allergic to Amoxicillin are also allergic to Penicillin. I advise that you go see a doctor. By the way, I am also allergic to it.
  • i would talk to a doctor about it, im allergic to penicillin myself

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