• I've been wondering that too, but since I have DVR, I've replayed it over and over and yes, I believe, i'm positive its him.
  • I would imagine that because Rob Lowe is already a part of multiple commercial campaigns, and his voice is being confused with PD's in other campaigns like that of Mazda, that Rob Lowe is in fact in the State Farm commercials. We'll just have to wait until IMDB updates its "other works" section.
  • I don't know for sure, but I keep thinking the same thing! Especially when you hear the TV but aren't really listening to what he's saying... I don't really know WHY they would use his voice but not his face, but it definitely sounds like him. Maybe its something he did during the writers' strike?
  • I have to say the same thing. I have heard that commercial many times, but this time I was looking at my computer. I thought Grey's Anatomy was on!
  • IMDB confirms...Yes, it's him!
  • Yes, it's Patrick on the State Farm commercials and he does Mazda ones too...Zoom Zoom. :)
  • Other works for Patrick Dempsey (I) More at IMDb Pro » advertisementOther works TV commercial for American Stroke Association (July 2003) Voiceover Work: Mazda 2006 State Farm 2008

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