• No, I do it all the time. I've actually gotten pulled over in Culpeper County, and was asked to vacate my vehicle due to safety issues (I wasn't pulled over b/c of my driving, but b/c that backend of my car was smoking) and the trooper (who was female) commented me on how cute my flip flops were. Now it is somewhat illegal to drive without shoes on at all, but how many people do you know that get ticketed for that on a daily basis? ;-)
  • I bet its less illegal than driving barefoot, but I for one think its easier to drive barefoot than with flip flops on!
  • Yes women must be clothed when they drive.
  • It is illegal in any commercial vehicle, as far as private I don't know but, I think it is no one's business.
  • No it's not. There are no laws for private vehicle driving that has anything to do with feet, bare or with shoes. It's a myth about driving in barre feet. I've even heard police tell people it's against the law. Well, they may wish it was so, but it's not as they can't cite you for it.
  • not that i know of

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