• i dont think so-but you will urinate like a racehorse
  • Depends on your activity level. If it stays the same your body will adjust and no you will not loose weight.
  • get more exercise do it dayly then you will loose weight.
  • exercise is still required. And make sure you're drinking natural mountain spring water. And not anything by Coca-Cola Company, nothing flouridated, and no tap water...
  • This whole water thing is BS. I always knew that from training to box. the amount of water your body needs is dependent on you not some arbitrary number. No it will not do anything to your metabolism and possibly can make you gain weight due to over saturating your tissues.
  • Extra weight is actually "stored energy" in your body, if you want to loose it, you must use it. there are 2 ways: 1. convert it into force -> exercise, walk, run, etc. (but most people prefer not to lift a finger) 2. convert it into heat -> expose your body to cold and your system will try to maintain the correct body temperature by burning food & stored energy. (but most people prefer to stay comfy & warm) Warning: cold temperature will weaken your immunity system.
  • 3-14-2017 Metabolism means the entire process of converting food to movement of a muscle. You don't "speed it up". Water is in there, but has no direct effect on the process. You need to read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right. Calories have nothing to do with it. You should be eating about 0.4 gram of complete protein per pound of body weight every day, counting only 6 grams per egg, 12 grams per glass of milk, and 24 grams per quarter pound of meat. Eat veggies with every meal, or whole grain bread every day, to keep your bowel movements regular. Fat is made of carbon and hydrogen. The only way it comes out of the body is if it is turned into carbon dioxide and water and then it comes out through the lungs. So that involves a lot of heavy breathing, and that means jogging or aerobic dancing. Figure on losing one pound per week when you are doing things right.
  • that would make help
  • What is a glase? I don't even know if I own one glase, let alone 8 glases.

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