• Go on Oprah
  • Psalm 34:18
  • Divorce her, don't talk to him, go to therapy. It really sucks, but I don't think you can get over that kind of betrayal.
  • It's time to walk away from those people and start your own life without them. Spend this time working on you as a person. They are to be forgotten. Don't let them compound what they did to you by letting it destroy you. Take that power away from them, empower yourself. Take control of you...
  • I have to agree with Maya. I don't think there is any way to work through something like this and get past it. I think you just have to move away from it and try to find healing and peace with support from others, therapy, and perhaps medication for a while. I know you must be feeling very alone right now, but I'm sure there is someone in your life that loves and supports you. Take care of yourself.
  • bigdaddy had a great answer. this will be tough for you but you need to try and overcome this and try and make something good about it i know its easy to give up on everything but dont, it will depressyou even more, keep you head high and realise they are very bad people and they do not deserve you! file for a divorce and cut all ties asap with both parties. good luck and take care!
  • Get rid of them both(meaning don't talk to them anymore not off them). Life is too short to let people you love ruin it. Go out and have fun.
  • You need to make a decision, on if you want to stay in the marriage, assuming she is remorseful, or decide to move on. As far, as your father, I would have a few words with him, and they wouldnt be too nice. Just because two people you are close too, are self centered, that doesnt make it your fault. They are not the only two people in your life, you have someone, it cant be that bad, look you have us, LOL.
  • Cut them both out of your life.. and if you really have no one... you'll have to do the hardest thing of all.. go somewhere and start over, make new friends and build yourself a new life. I would think that staying where you are would be too painful because of your family ties... I'm sorry you have to go through this.. it's a tragic situation.
  • That's horrible. with family like that, who needs enemies! run away, fast..and take care of yourself.
  • Spaceall, I am SO SORRY you're going through this! I can imagine that you're just sick about it and yet, still love both of them. You have every right to be angry and leave, but you also have the right to forgive and try to work through it. Forgiving, or at least working through it will be best for you in the long run. Seek a counselor who is pro-marriage and get help for yourself so you can sort things out with someone who doesn't have the emotional attachment. And, don't let anyone discount your feelings for your wife because up until now, you loved her, right? If you think it's worth working out, then do so...but if you don't, then leave and begin to heal. Only you can make that choice, but there is help out there. My God guide you through this devastating situation. Hugs!!!!!
  • your dad?.........YOUR DAD!!!!!!! I'm speechless..........which isn't helping you at all.
  • wow..thats a hard one to handle..if she will sleep with your father then she will sleep with anyone.get rid of her. there are more fish in the sea. as far as your dad will have to make that my opinion..neither respected you or loved you..its plain sick on both sides..good luck
  • Listen, divorce your wife. She is a bitch. If it wasn't your dad somebody else would have f.. her. Regarding your dad.. he is not pure person as well since he did this to his son. Next time you marry you will think that your dad will sleep with her again.. So, I would move away and I would remember that I have parents just few times in year to call them. I would limit any other relationships with them.
  • THEY DO...Dad is only an older version of you....and your wife is now kinda like a Mom to you...
  • First of all, why would you WANT someone who would disrespect you like that? I'm sure you have friends or other relatives that will support you during this tough time. You deserve better my friend.
  • I don't think there sick behavior has anything to do with wether or not they love you. They are both really messed up. I know what it feels like to think you have no-one, but I bet you do have someone. Where is your mother in this picture?
  • Thats just awful!
  • Divorce her as soon as possible. As far as your father is concerned just whisper quietly in his ear. "Your old and getting older eventually you will need me to take care of you, When that happens I will lock you in a nursing home and forget where I put you." Then walk away and wait for the day to come when he needs you.

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