• I'm assuming she has no other visas for the US currently. In which case, she can go to the US on a visa waiver. However, these only last for 90 days, during which she can't work or go to school. After 90 days she has to go back to Canada. The immigration line is usually ''you have to spend more time out of the US than in'', so when she leaves after the initial 90 days, you'd be wise not to bring her back into the US on another visa waiver for at least 4 months. If they deny her a second visa waiver, that means she can't ever apply for a visa waiver again, and has to apply for a tourist visa through the US embassy. This is generally quite difficult, especially if US immigration already suspect her of trying to outwit them!
  • its easy to become a US citizen.. especially for a canadian... but If i were you, Id apply to obtain dual citizenship with canada and move there, instead of the other way around.. . but she can be in the states for 90 days otherwise...
  • The proper procedure is for you to file for a K-1 visa if you want to bring her in on a visa. OR you can file and I-130 and have her process her permanent residency at the consulate in Canada. (Which way is faster varies.) If you are married to a US Citizen, and you come in as a visitor then you are violating the "intent" of the visa, and USCIS could give you a very hard time about her adjusting status in the US. Have a consulation with an immigration attorney to find out if the K-1 or the I-130/Consular Processing of the green card would be most expedient.

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