• clean him out more often DONOT spray air fresheners or anything like that it will kill him.
  • i recently got my bearded asked the same question i was told to give him a bath... he seemed to like it no more the 5 or 10 minutes nice warm water like for a baby NO SOAPS OR CHEMICALS use a sterile tub something easily cleaned and just for him like a rubbermade container do not leave him alone the water should only be up to his chest but accidents can happen
  • other than the actual bathing of the bearded dragon have you thought that it may be the substrate that smells. if you are using sand and sifting out the solids from poop, well the sand will soak up some of the moisture out of the poop and sift right back into the cage so the smell stays a bit, the reptile carpet is a bit easier for eliminating smells because you usually get enough to rotate the pieces and when one piece is soiled you just replace it with the new one and run extremely hot water over the soiled piece, ring out, and let hang to dry
  • clean it more regularly is there left over veg iin his vivarium? are you changing the substrate often enough? give him a luke warm bath when you clean his tank, then everything is fresh

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