• I dont have a credit card but i can buy things online no problem as i have a debit card for my bank account so you dont need a credit card, and i have never needed to rent a car and my debit card would work for that anyway so thats still no problem
  • You CAN get a pre paid credit card no redit check or interest is applied! ---->Now they have pre-paid credit cards. You load your own money on and when it's put you just add more!
  • On line you can use your bank debit card or PAYPAL! Very simple, very fuss, no muss! I have platinum Cards (several) and generally I DON'T use them...the smallest limit is over $30K and I'd shoot myself before charging that sort of amount of money...lmao Yes, they are great for emergencies...when I know I'll pay off within 1 to 6 months...and for situations where I want to easily track my exact spending for something...other than that...I pay with "CASH." (Including a check here) If I don't have the cash, I wait and save up for it, generally speaking, or I DO WITHOUT IT. It's not that hard, once you get into the swing of doing it.
  • Debit Cards
  • they just use cash. i use cash all the time now, and i use my bank card VERY rarely. i dont even own a credit card
  • I haven't had a credit card in over 20 years. I'm strictly cash only. What I buy I own. No monthly payments. Including my cars. Bought them (used) straight out with cash. I live off the grid as they say.

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