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  • Try different postitions so that you do not go so deep..
  • Theres nothing wrong with having a penis that is 10 inches long except that it might be a little to long for your wife to handle. It is general knowledge that *many* women can't handle much more than 6 inches. Take a look at this excerpt from "ask alice" (a sexpert): Contrary to popular belief, that "bigger is better," oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal intercourse with a well-endowed man can be challenging. For some, the "gag reflex" makes it difficult to have the entire shaft of the penis in one's mouth. For others, penetration causes pain. You mention pain when your boyfriend tries to penetrate you fully. The discomfort may be due to the head of his penis hitting your cervix (check out Alice's archived answers to Curious About Her Body â?? What is my penis hitting? and Where does the penis go for intercourse? for more information). Regardless of penis size, sensual touching is essential before penetration as it allows enough time for arousal as well as vaginal lubrication (also see First sex for two virgins?in Alice's Sexuality archive). For some women, a dab of water-based lube can make a huge difference. Different positions sometimes help, too. As a result, some people feel more comfortable with partial insertion during oral, anal, and vaginal sex. The unenveloped part of the penis, as well as the scrotum or anus, can be stimulated with fingers, hands, or a vibrator. As you experiment and play, tell one another how you feel, what is uncomfortable, and what feels good. This doesn't mean carrying out a full conversation while having sex; simple words â?? like "deeper" or "not so deep," "gently" or "harder," "faster" or "slower" â?? usually are enough to get the point across and make sex more enjoyable for both of you. While the Latin term for oral sex on a man, fellatio, means, "to suck," oral sex on part or along all of a penis (think corncob) involves caressing with the lips, tongue, mouth, breath, and fingers, together. The glans (also known as the head), corona (the ridge of tissue around the head), and frenulum (the thin band of skin on the underside of the penis connecting the head and the shaft) have many nerve endings that generally cause extra pleasurable sensations when stimulated. Edible liquids, such as honey, can create warm sensations. For safer oral, vaginal, or anal sex, use a liquid that's water-based so it won't deteriorate latex condoms. Some receivers enjoy the cold sensation of ice cubes or the tingling feeling of a mint that has been in the giver's mouth before oral pleasuring begins. *edit*
  • Penis size is not an indicator of having something wrong with you. They come in a wide range of sizes. But there might be something wrong with you, many things I guess, but that knowledge can't be ascertained from the single statement of fact you give about yourself.
  • I personally think a 10 inch penis would not be every girls dream. Now if your penis was thick in width, that would be a totally different story.
  • Is that like INCH inches or Internet inches and why are you boasting about it if you find it a problem. They say that Buddy Holly had a 15 inch Penis. he did not seem to find it a problem so I would imagine you are ok
  • Possibly. If that is your flaccid (non erect state) or even erect state, you might be looking at cm instead of inches. If you are looking at inches either way, you are in the small minority of men that large, but it won't kill you of course. It might however scare a few women abit if they were not very experienced in sex and also liked very large penises. A woman's vagina is only 6" or so deep, so the rest is just going to be out in the cold air...
  • There is nothing wrong with you. Mine is also very close to 10 inches when erect. The problem is you won't find very many women that can take it all. You need to learn how much your ladies can take without causing her pain. I know it seems like a good thing having a pecker this big, but its not. I would rather have a nice 6 to 7 inches and be able get it all the way in her.
  • Yes, book in for a penis reduction procedure now.
  • Yes - you have a tendency to brag on internet Q/A sites...
  • hahahahhahahhahahahhahhahhahahhahaahaahhahahhahahhahahahha
  • My partners is close to that length. I find that if I do yoga 3 times a week it doesnt hurt as much!
  • No, but you may have to be more mindful to prevent hurting the 'average' woman. Unaroused vaginal canal averages are usually 3-4 inches from entry to cervix, but men aren't the only ones who 'grow'. The upper portion of the female vaginal canal actually increases in length about two-three inches when she's aroused (forcing the cervix and uterus to ascend). It's also notable, however, that further length variation exists, based on height and other factors. There's somebody out there for everybody!
  • 10 inches is quite large, but a woman's vagina is designed to naturally fit most sizes. Some women may have a problem with a large size, other's may prefer it. I think most women (including myself) would prefer their partner to be around average, but it really doesn't matter as much as you think. A lot of women prefer a larger girth than length, but they come in all shapes and sizes, so there is certainly nothing wrong. A lot of men exaggerate their size to impress women, but it's honestly not what women are looking for.
  • You added an extra zero.
  • I agree with the other posts. There is NOTHING wrong with 10 inches. You will have to consider your partner though. A full 10 inch penetration is not the best thing. There are many publications and some free stuff that will allow you to explore different positions for making love. Doing so will allow you both to enjoy the experience to its fullest. Use lots of lube, work together and have some awesome sex! Best to you both.

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