• Religion is not the cause of war. Ignorance is.
  • Religion is simply a belief system. Man causes war. Religion is merely one of the many justifications he uses to initiate it.
  • All things have 3 basic wants; Safety (Quatifiable), Freedom (Choice) & Love (Paradox). It is the motivation behind all actions. People teach what they think they have learned will benefit them or others by sharing what they've learned or conceptualized. And so the seed was sown that kept on sowing.
  • The love of money is the root of all evil. Religion is only an excuse. Wars are fought over economics.
  • Of systemic good. But people use its power to further their own secular agendas including war.
  • 5-17-2017 First, name the wars associated with religion. Then we can discuss them. Here is the result of some other research:
  • Actually there have been no wars because it. All wars are political or personal in nature. Or as the saying goes: Science gave the capability to drop nukes Religion gave the compassion to help survivors

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