• Our gender as males has made our lives much easier because women have more social problems due to employment opportunities, and failing to be taken as seriously in the workplace.
  • It's swings and roundabouts really. Men have some things easier, they generally hold better positions in the work place than women, but there is also the 'feminist backlash', where men get passed over deliberately so firms can have a greater diversity of staff, therefore making them look better. Women have more emotional freedom than men, no one ever calls a woman a sissy for crying or asking for help! In Western society men are to an extent 'to be men'. Recently, I feel there is a lot of pressure on women to 'have everything' ie a successful career, several children and a great marriage. It aint easy!
  • All things being equal I would say the female sex overall. If they so desired, and with a little common sense, women could easily coast through life by using their sex appeal to manipulate men. What could be easier than that...
  • I often think men don't "get" a lot of the difficultie of being female. Such as trying to reconcile the constant feeling of being unfairly judged by sexual behaviour or appearance with the sense of wanting to be considered attractive and sexually appealing (A lot of boyfriends have told me "But men are judged by appearances too" but nothing can persuade me its the same thing- a man has an advantage by being attractive, but he is at no particular disadvantage by being unattractive.) I also think that despite the advances of feminism, women are still required to reign their sexuality in more than men. A woman who freely does what she wants and is honest about what she wants and refuses to play games still risks being labelled a slut. A woman who wants nohing to do with men, or wants to wait for a man who respects her and refuses to flirt or wear provocative clothing, is seen as frigid and cold and unfeminine. A woman who tries to balance the two, flirting and laughing prettily but refusing to go the final full monty is called a tease. Its almost impossible to get it right. On the other hand a man can pretty much play his sexuality as he feels it- if he wants to have sex he can have sex, if he doesn't he doesn't, and doesn't have to worry too much about what people who hardly know him will think, or his reputation, or the whys and the wherefores. Sex is just sex with guys. With girls its always so much more complex. It always has to mean something or be about something. Of course I'm not really in a position to judge, if I feel like guys don't understand the problems of being female, who's to say I don't understand the problems of being male. I think people make a lot of assumptions about both sexes which can be difficult to live with (putting pressure on women to have babies, assuming that all men have comittment issues etc), but I wouldn't like to strike out and say which are worse. Interestingly, Greek myth seems to claim women have it easier (interestingly Greek society was patriachal in structure!): Tiresias came upon a grove in which he discovered two snakes in the act of copulating- As a result, he changed sex (as you do) . Ten years later, he/ she went back and saw two snakes copulating again. She changed back to male (if being female was so great you wonder why she went back). Zeus and Hera the King and Queen of Greek gods were arguing whether the man or the woman took the greatest pleasure in sex. Zeus thought it was the woman, and Hera thought it was the man. They resolved to settle the matter by asking Tiresias, who had conveniently experienced sex as both male and female. He replied that the pleasure of a woman was to the pleasure of a man as nine parts to one. Hera had a bit of a problem accepting this and decided to respond by making Tiresias blind, and Zeus was so pleased that he gave him/her the gift of second sight.
  • I think that in culture, we have it pretty even. Yeah, I have wished I was a guy, because I think my life could be so much simpler....
  • Both sexes have it easy, and both have it hard. How hard it is has more to do with the individual and his/her ability to overcome difficulties. I have sometimes wished that I was the opposite gender, but what would be more interesting, is if women could 'morph' into men, and men could 'morph' into women for a while, to really experience what it's like. We'll have to wait for the Star Trek scientists to work on the technology to allow That to happen.
  • Being male, I don't know how right I am - but I just feel the God should have designed a less problematic alternative to menstruation.
  • Yes always!Men have it soooooo much easier!!! There is just so much stuff that lads can do that people think women shouldnt!!! like football, cars, product design etc those may seem like random examples but they are the ones that i have to prove myself with all the time. people think that just because your a girl you no nothing about certain things!!! Though if i was a bloke i would miss shopping and the fact that its way faster getting served in a bar if your a girl!!!
  • Men have it easier when it comes to being stuck outdoors! My friend and I always wished we could just magically have a penis when we really needed to pee outdoors!
  • In my opinion women have it much easier in the current lifestlye because some men are still like "oh we should help them they can't do it themselves" , and also in getting boyfriends/girlfriends women have it much easier as generally men are more nervous when asking someone out.
  • Ya know, where this subject is concerned, I think, that even with all their wisdom into far reaches of the universe, known or not, that even God Almighty himself would renege upon any kind of attempt of trying to effectively answer this particular query? " Um, Son, I gotta run out and do some tinkering over there on the Moon, Okay? OH! By the way, some nice people are gonna stop by, and ask ya a question or two, ask if you don't mind, BYE! **Poof** I'm outtie, sorry my Son! Hee hee hee...... Anyhoosby, Like the Big Guy there, I’d rather be outtie than discuss the difficulties upon determining any percentage regarding Man vs. Woman. Unto whom has it easier, concerning the particulars of gender? Well, to be honest, it's comes as a moot point really, as one would have to find betwen them at least one viable comparison, or possibily have somewhere, even if it's the tiniest of modules to try an attempt a fair, and alike and equal comparison to measure can be addressed. In this case, the variables of male and female come so vastly remote and separated, that a true and calculated ability to track an effective end result couldn’t help but be skewed by an absence of either's commingled appreciation upon the others roles in society. Furthermore, with that, neither has any true sociological commonality there with-in it. Neither side has any true rational thought's aside from jokes, or remarks of degradation concerning the opposite’s gender importance, nor do they even conceptualize any rational attempt to do such anywhere outside those known boundaries of having sex together and/or being in a marriage. So I guess that as long as we find women trying to change those last two irritable things in their Man, and we then find those Men, ignoring the Women during all phases of that attempt, we shall remain separately together, and also there with-in ourselves an understanding of the other, or never will we ever come to any true and viable solution . Yo, Jesus, how do you stand on the issue of women being allowed into the Apostle’s locker room after winning a few thousand souls....Wha?..Um, Huh? Oh DAAAAAAAD! Peace
  • Men have it easier, reasons being is that 1. No menstral cycle 2. No comitment to child bearing. 3. Easier to find jobs with good pay 4. Women typically cater to needs of men 5. Women have a higher ratio of being sexually abused 6. Women also have to have more bodily check-ups(OBGYN) 7. Women are looked as less of a threat 8. Women are expected to go above and beyond with less pay. 9. Women are more sensitive to pain 10. Women are judged on looks and sexual appeal 11. Family providers- women 12. Men have erections big deal? Men have periods and menopause 13. Women are more supseptable to dieses 14. Women instictively would not know to do if thrown in the wilderness without a thing to help them vs men instictively know what to do. 15. Women are also judged and criticized for body hair or for not being well groomed. (messy)
  • No! I would have to multi task!
  • no offense but how in the fuck is this even a question? Since when has it ever been more difficult for women in any culture?????? I think this comes down to a gender identity problem. when women grow dickz and men vaginaz then ill understand this question better

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