• It could be that the cable isn't plugged in all the way... It could also be that there is something wrong with the cords... it could also be that there is something wrong with either one of the jacks... What I suggest you do is first try the plugs, pull them out and plug them in again... if that doesn't work then take the PS3 and try plugging it into another HDTV... I'm not sure if you can do this (it's best to ask before you do) but try taking it into BestBuy and ask to plug it into one of the floor models to see if it is working or not (they let me try one a DVD I burned so I don't know again it's better to ask first)... if it does work it may mean that the HDMI plug in your TV is bad... if it still doesn't work (I'm assuming the PS3 is new) take it back and ask for them to either fix it or give you a new one because something is wrong with that one...
  • It sounds like someone was messing around with the video output settings. Try holding the power button down as you turn it on. This resets the video output. Once you see something on the screen you can let go. Then go into settings and set it up properly for your TV. Hope this helps.

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