• There are lots of products and advice on the subject. Avoid products that tell you to put the glove in the oven - heat is not a friend of leather. Avoid shaving cream. While the lanolin in shaving cream is good for leather, the alcohol in most shaving creams is not. Some will tell you to put the glove in water. That will work in the short term, but the water will never completely dry and ultimately cause the leather to rot. I've found the best product is Lexol. You can find it in the auto parts section of many discount stores or at the local auto parts store. It comes as a cleaner and conditioner and contains no chemical solvents. Spray the glove with the cleaner and conditioner. The Lexol will not build up or cause the glove to get heavy. Then all you need to do is simply play catch with the glove as often as possible.
  • Shaving cream :) Oil that baby up with shaving cream, stick a ball in the pocket, wrap a wide rubber band around it, and stick it under your mattress. When you're just relaxing and your hands are free, like when you're watching TV, take it out and just work the leather. Bend it back and forth, roll the ball inside the pocket, etc. I *love* breaking in a new mitt. It's so much fun. :)
  • hmmm... it seems like everyone forgot something... use the glove? throw lightly with it.
  • Use a leather conditioner, and use it the glove as often as possible.
  • Rub a lot of leather conditioner into it. Then put a baseball in the pocket. Then wrap the glove with rubber bands or tape and let it conform to the shape of the ball for a few days. Repeat if neccessary.
  • play a lot of catch, that's how i do it
  • You can get glove oil, that will help condition it but just force yourself to play catch with it, snap that pocket.

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