• Always after a meal. Vitamins need a full stomach to work better, because they use the food to be carried more efficiently thru the digestive cycle and to be absorved by your body afterwards. It is also very recommendable that you always take your vitamins after the same meal everyday. So you and your body will establish a routine.
  • As Astaroth already pointed out, it is best to take a vitamin after a meal. Specifically, if you are taking a multi-vitamin, it should always be taken on a full stomach. Vitamins that are taken without food in the stomach generally produce feelings of severe nausea, pain, and in some cases vomiting. This is because the vitamins themselves are pure...unlike the vitamins and nutrients you get from eating food, the supplements you take are raw and unprocessed, save for the fact that they have been mixed and combined into a pill with maybe some preservatives. Raw vitamins will never sit well in an empty stomach. On the contrary, chewable vitamins, such as the types designed for children, usually do not require a full stomach because they have been mixed with flavors and artificial preservatives that digest well enough in the stomach to not cause any kind of discomfort.
  • 2-7-2017 The human body needs 40 different nutrients. Some of them are water soluble, some are fat soluble, some dissolve only in the presence of other nutrients, some are destroyed by others, some can substitute for each other. You just have to study some books and learn these things so you will know how to eat right. It is a matter of self defense, since you have so little control over how your food is prepared. These books are old, but they are still the most popular introduction to the subject.

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