• It sounds like a German Shepherd I used to have, he was very over protective of me and I used to have to cross the road if I saw anyone approaching. If he is not neutered (fixed) do it now, it will take a while for the hormones to settle but it will make a big difference to him before this becomes a seriously bad habit.
  • this is pretty normal for a dog. training would help some. gives them a little more self control when around other people or dogs.. does he see any other dogs when he's with you? like does he play with other dogs? cuz he might want that really really bad. NEXT TIME you go for a walk try this. as someone approaches, just a person or a person with a dog. Stop your dog where youre standing. Make sure he is in a sitting position. hold him there as the people and or dog walk by. if you do this enough he will get the picture. it may take weeks. but as time goes on hell know not to lash out or bark so much. dogs are pretty smart. and to beef this up even more. have a treat or two with you. The more he stays still as people walk by he should get a treat, positive reinforcement is best with dogs!!!

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