• Well, Mike Tyson is alive and Bruce Lee is dead so I'm going to have to say Tyson.
  • I agree with nitanitro...but assuming both were alive I think Bruce Lee would kick Tysons ass.
  • tyson he bit somone ear off
  • Bruce Lee, but Bruce would also wind up being deaf thanks in part to Mr. Tyson.
  • Of course Bruce! He could hit those nearly 2.5 times his wieght! and with lightening speed and quickness there ain't no way Tyson could catch this cat!
  • Bruce Lee would smash Mike Tyson, no contest
  • Bruce Lee
  • Bruce Lee. I wouldn't bother anyone who created their own martial art, anyway. I guess ''Ear Fu'' can be a martial art too, though...XD
  • Bruce Lee hands down,he was way too fast and Tyson is kinda overweight now,but even if Bruce was still alive,he'd still be too quick.Bruce better watch his ears though.
  • My old buddy Bruce would of. And there was a time when Chuck may of taken them both.
  • Bruce Lee will win. Tyson won't be able to keep up!
  • Bruce Lee would put a good whoopin on him. Mike Tyson already proved he can take a good whoopin, I would really have to watch for myself. Thats not fair, putting two of me heroes up against each other. Fine, Bruce wins... :)
  • Bruce Lee would be much too fast for Tyson.
  • this is like asking who would win between chuck norris and some random drunk. lee hands down
  • My money on Bruce for a no holds barred fight. He had the precision, intelligence and quickness. Definitely a legend. In a ring Fight, Tyson would dominate. He was a f***in monster. Tyson was a bull in the ring- aggressive and strong. Lee didn't compete like that. More technical against guys his size. Lee's advantage was his ability to strike where he wanted and speed. If he could take out Tyson in the first 5 minutes by striking pressure points, he'd win. Don't think that was likely though. Tyson had a career brawling big tough guys- he could take a punch and he had a big body to protect him. Lee was small- don't think he could take too many of Mike's blows. More of a technical fighter. Not a brawler against big guys.
  • I would think if Tyson managed to land a body shot on him, Lee would collapse and not get up in a hurry. That's if Tyson was able to get anywhere near him to begin with...
  • I think Tyson would win due to the size difference, well a prime tyson. Bruce was much faster but tyson was used to taking shots and was great in his head movement and guarding his head. and one of those monster shots from Tyson is all it would take to lay out lil ol Bruce. The two were chiseled muscle except one was 210+lbs and the other was 145lbs. Not to mention Tyson is one crazy mofo so you know he would fight dirty as hell. Bruce could win too especially if he got Tyson down but on the feet his leg kicks would be blocked due to Tyson's tight guarding of his head but one shot from that beast is all it would take. where they fought would matter to if Bruce could keep moving away he has advantage but if Tyson could corner him big advantage to him
  • OK that argument went on for years and years. Most martial artists go on to box not the other way around. There was a program on TV, 2 guys went all over the world to train with martial artist's and fight them. Well they did OK with many groups until they hit Mexico. There they fought real boxers, they said those were by far the best trained and best fighters of any of the martial artists. I did both, a little martial arts and some boxing. By far the boxer is better trained, better able to take a punch and more inclined to quickly hurt you with more accurate and deadly technique. Unless you fought in the ring it's all bullshit from people who watched movies and do not know what the fuck they are talking about. I love Bruce but he would have been the first one to say when Tyson was in his prime nobody could have beat him except maybe Ali in his prime. Unless you understand the regiment, techniques and the physical makeup of a world class boxer you have no clue. Unless you have ever been hit by a professional heavy weight fighter you have NO idea what it feels like. Bruce was all of 135 pounds and to get hit by 220 pounds of muscle with great technique there was no way his body could absorb those blows. Watch Mike's best knockouts. You might say Bruce would not get hit, he would have to get in close because of his lack of size and Mike would land something, end of game.

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