• Sea-Monkey is a brand name of a hybrid of Artemia salina, a species of brine shrimp. These are a type of fairy shrimpâ??not true shrimp, but a branchiopod. The term Sea-Monkeys (sometimes unhyphenated) is a trademark used to sell them as a novelty gift. They originate in salt lakes and salt evaporation flats.
  • They're a great pet if you're a bit lazy. They are very small marine animals similar to shrimps (in fact, I just looked this up, they are branchiopods or "brine shrimps"- their Latin name is Artemia Salina, in case you were interested!) You can purchase the dry eggs in kits from gift shops, place them in salt water where they hatch and grow. You then normally feed them with a specially provided food package containing spirulina and dried yeast which encourages growth and sexual activity. Interestingly they are also capable of asexual reproduction, but this is a slower process. They grow fairly quickly and need very little attention other than regular feeding. Great sea monkey site And this amused me:
  • Heres a video of a few seconds in the lives of our friends, the seamonkeys:
  • watch how lively and fun seamonkeys can be!

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