• Astrological signs have NO basis in reality. Whether or not you're compatible depends on your religious beliefs, your backgrounds, and your personalities.
    • Nosmo King
      Oh yeah? And how do you suppose a sensitive, emotional, personal-oriented Pisces is supposed to cope with a teasing, taunting, flirtatious, dual-natured Gemini? Please don't recommend those two signs take up with each other. It simply does not work.
  • From my experience as a female gemini who has been obsessed with a male pisces, no, no, no!!! Both mutable signs (changeable like the wind!) but gemini is air and pisces is water, so the chances of you both finding some 'common ground' at the same time is probably zero. Elusive.
    • Nosmo King
      Thank you, Anonymous.
  • Yes it would. Do NOT let the 'stars, moons, cusps, planets, suns OR horoscopes' tell you if YOUR are relationship is negative or positive before it begins or ends. It(astrology) is more bogus than a 7 dollar bill. I'm in a gemini(me)/pisces(she) relationship myself, and I KNOW im in love with someone who loves me with the same (if not, more) amount of affection. SO F*CK THE ASTROLOGY!!
    • Nosmo King
      Don't be so callous. Pisces is far too sensitive to not be hurt by a Gemini. If you don't believe in astrology, DO NOT ANSWER THIS TYPE OF QUESTION, otherwise I will brand you a troll, and that's putting it mildly.
  • this is stolen from someone else, however, it pretty much sums it up. Gemini female and Pisces male: You and Pisces are opposites in many ways, but keep in mind that opposites do attract. This relationship will have its ups and downs, and how things turn out will depend on you. Pisces form deep and abiding emotional attachments, while you can usually relate to lovers without diving down to the depths of their souls. This will never satisfy Pisces, who want to be understood and loved, physically and spiritually, all the way down to their very core. Pisces look for the love of their life, that one transcendent love, while you have probably not stopped long enough to consider that possibility. You keep your heart planted firmly in your head, while they never use logic when it comes to romance. Sentimental, sensuous Pisces will help you swim to depths you never imagined and feel things you've never felt before. In bed, Pisces take steps to ensure making love will be a memorable and passionate experience. To Pisces, making love is a ritual, involving candles, incense, flowers and other offerings. It is not so much carnal as spiritual -- the mating of two souls. Pisces have their own creative projects, so they won't mind if you're out and about, busy with your schedule. Actually, they believe absence makes the heart grow fonder. Pisces live in their own world of their fantasies and dreams, and need time alone to think and meditate. Thus, the Pisces personality linked with yours works well, because you both are preoccupied at least part of the time. You are an air sign, Pisces is water, and together you stir up a bubbly life. Catch this Fish, but be forewarned: If you don't have the emotional capacity to love Pisces, or if you take unfair advantage of them, they will swim away and aren't likely to return. Once gone, you may miss their Neptunian glow and unconditional love, which is rare and special in this Universe. Pisces and Gemini You are a water sign and your Gemini is air. Air and water make bubbles, so this could be a lively pairing, as long as you take care that certain things don't sabotage your love. This is not a classic astrological pairing. Gemini need plenty of stimulating conversation and lots of variety. Gemini also like to be out of the house a great deal, whether they're seeing friends on weekend jaunts, or checking out new exhibits, plays, or cyber cafes in town. When Gemini aren't out, they are home reading one of their dozens of periodicals and books. As a Pisces, you may become exhausted just thinking about all this frenetic activity. That much interaction with people could frazzle you. If your Gemini can understand why you don't want to go together to the beach this weekend -- because you want to stay home and work on your manuscript, pottery, painting, whatever -- then things will be fine. When confronted with a problem, Gemini like to analyze and intellectualize. Pisces are guided by their feelings, though, and will rely on instinct. Sometimes facts might not tell the whole story, so don't feel you have to justify your intuition to your Gemini. There is no one right way to answer life's questions. Anyway, time will prove your hunches are almost always right. This can be a stimulating match, because a Gemini will bring a world to you that you would never see otherwise. You both are mutable signs, so you bend and sway together when the wind blows and are not likely to be brittle or break. Sexually, Gemini need to hear loving words prior to and during lovemaking so be as creative and talkative as you like. They will adore you for reading erotic passages from a book to them in bed. You will teach your lover to get in touch with his or her deepest feelings and to start to understand the hidden symbols and codes of the Universe, rather than read only what can be seen on the surface. This combination has the possibility of being an exciting relationship, full of creativity, ideas and information, new friends, and places to go. It's worth a try!
  • I believe Gemini and Pisces make good freinds. I am gemini woman and I find Pisces men misterious and attractive. They are very emotional though and geminis are not, or they may be emotional but it is difficult to express their emotions.Pisces men need a lot of reassurance. They need reminders of affection. Geminis are flighty and dont do that too well.
  • This match could get pretty complicated. There definitely are some pretty major differences between the two. However, if the Gemini female is really playing it from the heart, the two could have a lasting and powerful connection. =] GEMINI & PISCES= Gemini must understand that Pisces is a creature of heart and soul. Fast, clever talk doesn’t move Pisces, but soulful connection does. Gemini cannot manipulate Pisces as easily as others. But, boy, can Pisces ever jerk Gemini’s chain! Gemini foolishly underestimates Pisces’ power again and again.
  • The truth is i'm a pisces man. I go out with a gemini. Me and her have alot in common except gemini's are happy people and pisces are sensitive and emotional. But somtimes its really good to have an opposite. I'm more happy with her then i was with pisces, aquarius, and cancer. Does that make sense no. Astrology is just a believe. A believe about personalitys. The truth is i can be shy but if i know you really well i talk about anything and i'm not shy about it. It really depends on who you are. You 2 would be good friends. Maybe you 2 opposites can be a good couple. At the beggining Your gemini might be a little chatty to others. You might be shy joining the conversation. But once you two are alone and she talks to you. You would get used to being in her world of the social life. When you have one that smiles and talks alot and one thats shy and emotional. You two can cure each other into equals. when pisces see's a gemini smile it could help a pisces smile. Your Pisces might show you feelings that you never felt in your life.. Your gemini will do the same for you. You two are curing each other to be in the middle. So you and her can make it work. Listen to me i'm not into astrology but i can put the puzzles together on that one. Be yourself. Dont worry about the future. Just let the two of you bond together. Opposites can be good somtimes
  • I'm a pisces man married to a gemini woman for many years. I've had a lot of flings in my life, but this gemini woman is the first I am truly committed to spending the rest of my life with. I know my wife feels a sense of wonderment regardless of my sincerity, but I suppose everyone feels that way with a pisces. A pisces love can be very deep and sincere yet not very obvious at times. If you make it very clear that you love him, while at the same time not try to figure out his every thought, you may find the love you are hoping for. If, and when, you feel he is "distant", just give him some space. Pisces need that - it's nothing to worry about. Although pisces and gemini both have a lot of interests, most of the interests are rarely the same. Make sure you both understand this and then make a commitment to spend plenty of time sharing your common interests, while allowing each other to persue those that aren't the same. Good Luck! I should probably add that "anna.m" was very accurate in all that she wrote.
  • no i dont think so pisces likes playing games i dont know what hes thinking, im a gemini god hes hard work one minute i think hes really likes me the next i think im just his friend i think its time to move on not to a pisces tho lol.
  • ok, Im a gemini girl and I with a pisces boy and to tell you the truth some of that is not all true. You would think we would be the wrost signs to come tegether but really me and him are understanding of each other . Its like a give and take he learns thing from me and and i learn things from him. Yes there will be ups and downs but if you love that person it dosen't matter its the love with in that counts and if the feelings are the same.
  • I dont know if it makes a differece which gender has which sign...but I am a pisces female and I have dated a few gemini, its a really bad match. I mean, yes everyone is different, but all the gemini's i've dated had some of the same characteristics. The communication is very hard. Pisces is vey emotional and needs lots of rassurance and affection. Gemini's seem to be loners at times, and get easily aggitated with people that are always needing attention. It may work though who knows, all you can do is try and hope for the best. ;)
    • Nosmo King
      How? Gemini has a split personality, Pisces hates split personalities. Pisces is highly sensitive, Gemini is highly critical. Gemini sees both sides of everything, Pisces thinks that is being disloyal. Gemini talks too much, Pisces likes to drift off into his own little world and that drives Gemini bonkers. What is possibly good about such a match?
  • Gemini females will keep you on your toes regardless of your sign.
  • Nopity nopity nopity nope. I am a Pisces male myself, I have dated six Gemini females and each time it was a fiasco. Air and Water signs simply do not work well together in relationships.

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