• I suppose it is traditional as in with many other 'ethnic' meals. Cornbread, buscuits, flat bread, tortillas, etc., bread is very common with a meal.
  • To sop up the delicious sauces, gravies or don't want to waste a bit of it, if it's tasty! :)
  • cuz its yummylisous
  • Because it is a very yummy tradition, just like cornbread with chili, or tortillas with carne asada. Bread has always been a staple of life.
  • Italian food is loaded with carbs....So I guess to get you even more fat! who cares, I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD! lol hahahah
  • I think there is something about bread that makes us feel that if we eat some of it, it sort of makes room for more pasta and sauce. I think that's why I can eat so much pizza.
  • Tradition dictates what goes on the plate, everywhere food is eaten.
  • Most European meals are served with bread. My dad couldn't even start the meal unless there was bread and butter ready at the table. And so many dishes are much better when you can get every last juicy bit with that torn piece of bread sopping it up:-) Plus it makes the food go further while filling up the diners.
  • Because pasta and pizza just don't pack on enough carbs.
  • Bread is served in many countries as an extra to the meal. I think maybe it came about after or during the wars when Bread and Potatoes were used as a filler because so many things were on rashioning in many cases until well into the 1950s. It has become tradition and there are many great breads to go with different meals. Some European countries have so many wonderful breads youdo not even feel like eating the meal itself.

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