• As long as he's wetting at least 4 diapers a day, he should be fine. He'll go longer between feedings as his growth slows... but keep in mind his stomach is only as big as his fist. That's a REALLY little place to put 4 ounces of fluid. He's still young enough... let him decide how much he needs and when. He'll take in more food as he grows, and go longer between feedings as soon as he's ready.
  • i know its a big amount! thats what i mean! i let him take what he wants when he wants but sometimes worry he's taking far to much for his size. he was in neonatal unit for 4 weeks when he was born as he was small and they basicly 'force fed' him a bit to get his weight up so im worried he's got too used to having a REALLY full tummy

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