• How are you washing the dishes and typing at the same time...LoL!
  • First I clean the counter tops, then I rinse the dishes, then I wash them. Pans first, then plates, then silverware, then cups and glasses, then miscellaneous items like whisks and can openers and whatnot.
  • Hmm, interesting I never really thought about the order, but I wash glasses first, plates/bowls next, then silverware, then pots & pans.
  • I put whatever is on top of the pile in the dishwasher first.
  • first small plates, then big plates, then anything else flat (lids etc) then small bowls, then big bowls, then the smallest saucepan to the largest saucepan, then the cutlery (silverware), anything plastic and finally the glasses and cups which get washed under hot running water. then i dry and put away and then clean the countertops, stove etc. :)
  • Cutlery, glasses and cups, plates, bowls, pans. Then wipe the counters and then dry the dishes. Not that I've got some kind of obsessional order of course...
  • Glasses, Cups. Small plates, Large Plates, Silverware, Pans.
  • Well, I tend not to have many to do at once, but I wash my aluminum cups first (look up Bascal on e-bay to find what I'm talking about) and then whatever else happens to be around, which is usually a couple pots/pans, cutting boards, sharp knives, cooking implements and wooden spoons. Most everything else goes in the dish smasher... which I need to run this afternoon.
  • I ALWAYS wash knives first, and never just toss them in the dishwater with everything else. It's an old cafeteria kitchen rule that has been programmed into my brain. After that, I typically just go from smallest to largest stuff so I can strategically fit everything into the drainer.
  • I wash the glasses and cups first then plates, bowls, saucers, etc; next comes the silverware and lastly comes the pots and pans..... but now i just load them all in the dishwasher at the same time.......
  • i'm like lilmswildflower just realised by reading the comment
  • Whatever were in need of first. I work 4 days a week as dishwasher, soon to be 6 of 7 days so i do what we need after work then go to bed.
  • I thought you said, you were doing the dishes. If I have to do the dishes, I wash the glasses first,then bowls, plates, silverware, pots and pans.
  • I do glasses first, silverware,plates then pots and pans
  • glasses plates bowls random pots/pans silverware (or I leave it for someone else to do....I HATE washing silverware)
  • Open dishwasher door, pull out upper basket, shove stuff in, pull out lower basket, shove more stuff in making sure that I have not forgotten any of the numerous cat bowls we have or the bowl that the hedgehog uses each night. Put over-priced dishwasher tablet in tablet holder thing, shut door and press the 'On' button and then as it begins to work and wash, I declare my ever lasting love for it and marvel at what a wonderful little machine it truly is. Finally I plant a kiss on the control panel and that is about it.
  • I usually load them in the dishwasher, except pots & Pans, which I hand wash. If I am hand washing all the dishes: glasses/cups plates silverware bowls pots & pans
  • Glasses and cups. Plates,bowls. Silverware. Pans.
  • I rarely wash the dishes, but when I do, I wash the glasses first, then the silverware, then the plates, then the pots and pans.
  • Glasses Plates Bowls Pots and pans Silverware

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