• Since my sister's name is Bambi, let me answer this one. I think my mother must have been on some really good drugs. My sister hates her name. My mom thinks it is cute, she attached her own origin, to it, "A gift from God". It really is derived from Italian bambina meaning "young girl".
  • In a lot of cases, I don't think that some parents are looking anywhere past the ends of their noses when It comes to names. I know a few that WISH their parents had given the whole process a bit more thought.
  • Why is Cinnamon a stripper name, but not Rosemary?
  • I would not do that. I would like a regular girly name for my daughter.
  • I think its silly. I worked with a woman whose name was Kitty and that was her legal name. She was in her late 40's and she hated it.
  • That's almost as bad as _A Boy Named Sue_. Names are important. Studies have shown that black children with trendy names like "Laquisha" and "Donalle" do not do as well economically as black children with more conventional names. No one who names their child Cinnamon is ready for the responsibility of parenthood.
  • Is Cinnamon really a name? Bambi is a cute name tho...but it is a little babyish, cute tho. I knew a person who named her daughter "dookie" she had down syndrome and she was black instead of dookie they used to call her poopie...
  • Actually they are all just names and the only people who see it as anything else are people who stereotype and I really don't have time for those kinds. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  • Why would "Cinnamon" be considered a stripper's name? It seems ok by me, considering that the name "Ginger" was a popular one in the past, then there is Rosemary, Basil (for a guy), Pepper, Myrtle and Saffron, all used for names of humans. After all, names all have meanings. How do you know that your name does not mean something very strange eg Leah-tired(eyes);Rachel- ewe lamb; Deborah/Melissa-bee; Susan-lily; Margaret-pearl;Mary-bitter;Barbara-barbarian. There was even a song called "Cinnamon" by Derek and the Dominoes.Sneakin' down your alleyway and knockin' on your door Thought I had enough but I'm back for more Cinnamon, let me in Cinnamon, let me in Knock, knock, let me in, I won't go away (ho uh-uh) I'm gonna see you if it takes all day (ho uh-uh) Cinnamon, let me in Cinnamon, let me in Sing it girls Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la One more time Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la (one potato, two potato, three potato, four) Open up Cinnamon, I want more (five potato, six potato, seven potato eight) Give it to me, Cinnamon, I can't wait (oh) You can't hide, girl (oh) I'm comin' inside, girl Do what you want to Baby, I'll let ya Might as well face it, Cinnamon You know I'm gonna get ya Sing it! Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la (Cinnamon) Cinnamon (Cinnamon) Cinnamon (Cinnamon!) Here I come, girl! Cinnamon, let me in Cinnamon, ha-ha, let me in Sing it! Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la Let me in, Cinnamon Can't ya here me knockin'? Oh, Cinnamon Let me in, let me in, let me in, let me in So, it is not the first time that a name like Cinnamon has been used for a girl.
  • I almost died when I heard Courtney Cox and David Arquette's daughters' name: "Coco Cox" Why even BOTHER with formal education? Get her a pole now! Start her early! Makes me want to V8 commercial-slap these people.
  • I wonder why they do that, but I generally don't mention it to them. I knew someone who named their daughter Desiree. I'd like to look them up...she's probably about old enough to be a stripper now and I often wonder if she is!
  • Cinnamon is a whole lot better than Madam Vajayjay
  • Bye the way my names Cinnamon in real life I had to post a answer to this because its funny i have people ask me about that why would my parents name me Cinnamon WELL. My Father Loved a Woman named Barbara Bain she was on the Mission Impossible series back then and that was her name on the show so i was named after that character. I truly love my name and the people that disapprove are just showing themself narrow minded, ego maniacs How can you judge someone by there name or the parents that name them you dont knwo thoughs people different cultures have different traditions, and names all over the world, and in the US you should really be ashamed of yourself. Thoughs that pass judgment i say just grab yourself a mirror my names Cinnamon but i would not ever make a thread that could actualy hurt someones feelings what kind of person are you?
  • what about the woman in america who name her daughter CHLAMYDIA? as for strippers names, never heard of any
  • Some parents just aren't thinking of the future, they're thinking of the moment. Guys are probably thinking they want a beautiful name for their beautiful daughter, and the first thing that comes into their minds just happen to be stripper names. No idea what women are thinking. Hell, most of the time, when I see a baby, I wonder what they're thinking. People choose some crazy names for their kids.
  • i knew someone with the last name of Cane and they named their daughters Ginger and Candice.
  • The same thing I think of parents who gave their kids names like "Chastity," "Pickle" and "Sarah Palin McCain"
  • Giving children stupid names is a form of child abuse.
  • I have seen some crazy names for kids. Cinnamon isn't too bad compared to: Kitten, Diamond, and all of the assorted cars people name their children after. Sorry, but Celica is not a great name for a kid.
  • I like the name Rosemary. And Raven. Those are Gothy-sounding!
  • i think they arent mentally ready to have kids
  • I don't see anything wrong with Cinnamon. It doesn't exactly role off the tongue, I wouldn't choose it but as a name it is as good as any. Why should strippers get to have all the good, interesting names and I'm sure there are strippers with 'respectable' names like Dolores and Florence out there. +6

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