• Whereabouts are they fighting? Neutral territory or jungle or forest? My money's on the Grizzly. He's big, he's mean and he's got a nasty set of claws and choppers! GO GRIZZLY!!
  • lets say in the forest around a lot of trees & rocks.
  • I was going to say Gorilla but NOPE, the Grizzly would FOR SURE
  • im going with the grizzly but silverbacks can get pretty crazy if you tick them off and they play dirty they like to use rocks bolder branches anything the can find
  • I would say a gorilla.They are much more mobile and have better balance when standing.There arms are much stronger,and they would be very agile.
  • Probably the gorilla because the bear would be like ... "WTF is a gorilla doing in the damn woods?"
  • Gorilla will just snap the Grizzlys back
  • Are you kidding me? A grizzly bear is one of the largest, strongest, and fiercest animals on the planet.... It would be at least 2 times heavier than the largest silverback gorilla, and one swat from it's massive bear claw laiden hands would incapacitate the gorilla.
  • i would say in one on one combat the grizzly would win because its bigger stronger and has claws. But if they were fighting some where with fighting resourses the gorillawould have a fighting chance because it would use objects such as branches and rocks to fight. And they fight dirty.
  • This question actually made me think more than 99% of the questions on here! Silverback Gorilla - 200-400Lbs Grizzly - 400-600Lbs(Male) Gorilla is much quicker, much more agile, can make use of weapons (Sticks rocks ect) and climb faster if it needs to retreat.. and pound for pound is alot stronger than a grizzly. (Although the Grizzly weighs more so more than makes up for that) And let's not forget, is about 1000x smarter than a Grizzly. Grizzly, has more weapons at it's disposal, razor sharp claws, teeth, alot of extra weight on it's side, and in the wild, Grizzly’s kill for food, Gorillas don't.. So the Grizzly has more of a killer instinct. I still don't know who i'd go for.. I think the Silverback would be much to quick for the Grizzly to hit.. But if the Grizzly did hit it, It would more than likely be fatally wounded.... I think they'd both die! Let's all just hope for the best, that they can settle this little dispute without violence :)
  • I think Batman would win.
  • Grizzly would win the Silverback would gtf out of there saying what you think I'm stupid!
  • Grizzly, paws down. They take out moose.
  • I think gorillas are crazy strong. it would grab the bear with one of those huge arms and throw the sob against a tree!!:)
  • My money is on the bear.
  • I have no way of knowing given this is an event that could probably never happen in the wild. And I know this is probably the answer you expected and did not want so I'm gonna try my best to figure this one out. After all, it is a question I have thought about long before I looked it up to find this. If I assume correctly, we're imagining model specimens of the animals in top health and strength, so on and so forth. A fully grown grizzly bear is huge. It stands up (on hind legs) at around 10 feet tall. And while that may not seem like much, I typical ceiling is around 8 feet tall. Now imagine this bear weighing about 750 pounds. If you've ever been to a zoo and near the bear exhibit, they'll have a display or replica of the hand of a bear, you will find that it dwarfs yours when the two are compared. While still being massive, I gorillas hands or much more like a humans. And while this proves nothing, I am just pointing out as something to think about. The bear could be a lot stronger even with the gorilla which is very, very powerful in top condition. Also, while thinking of the two next to one another, you might be imagining them as the same size. The gorilla is a lot smaller in actuality. And while it packs a bunch and has a lot a bulk that would be hard to penetrate, this is nothing the bear does not have and then some. I think when it all comes down to it, it would be very hard for a gorilla to attack a bear. Thanks for reading, I'm Bryan and I'm 13 years old.
  • oh yeah i'll beast it out on them
  • I don't know... Gorilla I guess. +5
  • My momma er I mean the Silver Back for sure LOL
  • As cool as the gorilla would be, I gotta say the bear would probably win.
  • I think anyone who can throw feces always has the advantage...
  • the grizzly would win,once it jaws bite down on the gorillas neck ,its over.Plus i think the gorilla would be smart enough to retreat...self preservation.
  • dunno looks gd 4 the grizzley

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