• Someone who will be their for you no matter what and will not Change for no one
  • who wouldnt use u just for his/her needs and then let it go...but who can be with u when there is no one even if the rest of the world is there, without the true friend u r all lonely. who trusts u, shares with u, reads ur mind without u saying anything...and most of all just be a true friend
  • One who knows everything about me but loves me anyway
  • A true friend is someone who you can count on in a time of crisis. True friend never judges you but will point out to you if your really messing up. A true friend is not someone who you can abuse or take advantage of misunderstanding the meaning of a true friend is what most people fall into. Most people have associates not friends - some people are lucky enough to have one GOOD TRUE FRIEND. mAke no mistake about this there is no such thing as having all kids of friends - they are associates who are around you for any number of reasons but the true one , being your friend.
  • It's not only a crisis that makes a true friend. Usually its someone who understands you and who you understand.You accept each other faults and all. It's easy to be together. There's nothing like a true friend--and in a lifetime a man might have no more than 2 or 3.
  • Someone who can sing the song of your heart when you've forgotten the words.
  • Someone who will be there and listen to you when you are at your lowest.....even if you're temporarily insane at the time.
  • a true friend accepts you for who you are or no matter what you may become. a true friend will stick with you in spite of your trials. a true friend will always be there regardless of thier differences. a true friend is quick to forgive and forget of each other's mistakes.
  • A true friend is someone who is always there for you, through the good and the bad. Someone who doesn't judge you based on stupid decisions, someone who will tell you how it is and not sugarcoat stuff just because they don't care. To me a true friend is someone I feel comfortable telling anything to. I don't have to hide things, or worry about being myself. I can act like a dumbass or crazy and goofy and they don't care. Someone who doesn't lie, or talk behind your back. Does that answer it? LOL
  • I agree with testes33. Excellent, in fact. but it isn't a one way street either. Both have to be that way to maintain it. She has my points.
  • I have friends for over 30 years, Friends are people who are there for you when you need emotional support and you have to be there for them to. To have true friends for a lifetime is a blessing. Remember that.
  • someone who will never turn their back on you when you are caught in a storm.. but then what do we do for for friends whom we claim to be true and best..
  • Priceless
  • True Friendship Poem A true friend will be loyal no matter what the cost, They would never put you down or try to be your boss. In trouble or in heartache a shoulder they will share, They'll always try to show you how very much they care. A true friend will always be there in good times and in bad. They'll try to make you laugh whenever you're feeling sad. And I know without a doubt that a true friend I have in you. And I hope that you do know that I'm a true friend too. ************* A true friend is someone who is always there, someone who supports me even though they don't like what I am doing. Someone who can laugh and cry with you, someone you can relax and be yourself with without having to watch what you say or do. Someone you share good times and the bad, A true friend is there at three in the morning when you need a ride home, always willing to help you. A true friend will listen to you, console and comfort you even if they disagree with you. A true friend will be honest without being cruel, supportive without being smothering, and will accept you for who you are not who you think you should be. ****True friends are golden.
  • One who is honest and compassionate. One who is able to respect you for who and what you are, what you stand for and what you don't stand for. I am fortunate to have exceptionally good friends and i am very grateful for their presence in my life :)
  • Anybody can be a friend in good times. A true friend is there in the bad times.
  • A true friend is one that when all the dust settles, and everything is said and done, only you and this person are still standing, looking through and over all the crap you just survived.
  • someone who accepts who and what i am, just like i do them :)
  • someone that dosen't let u down in times of trouble can keep a secret and also keep a promise
  • someone who will never judge me and will be there in my time of need as much as I have and will for them :)

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