• I just watched a show on Discovery that said this would be all but impossible due to the size of the shoulders. It was suggested that MAYBE it would be possible if the snake started at the feet first...but still HIGHLY unlikley for a full grown man.
  • If a snake can eat a fully grown antelope I don't see why not. I was watching Life In Cold Blood (UK, BBC1)on Monday night and a snake ate an antelope that was so large it burst the snakes skin. The narrator said it was quite common and the skin rapidly healed itself, but the antelope would be completely dissolved by the snake and it probably wouldn't need to eat again for up to a year.
  • Yes if the fully grown man was dead or unconcious for a long time. Most of the snakes that could do that are constrictors. Possibly even all of them. They usually manage swallowing large pray because they are incomasitated(spelling). Its takes days sometimes just to get it all in.
  • there are only 2 types of snake that can swallow a human whole.. that is the raticulating python and the green anaconda.. there are many reports of both eating people whole.. fishermen while fishing on the rivers where the anaconda live have been knocked out of there boats and have been eaten as they hit the water..
  • Usually the people who are completly swallowed are quite small not dwarf small just kinda shorter like maybe five foot. Swallowing a person whole is not an easy task for a snake but 4 reported man-eater's i know of are 1.African Rock Python's there was a report a few years ago which says a boy was swallowed whole in front of his scared friends. 2. Anaconda's particuarly the south american Green Anaconda's that eat caiman's have a good chance of eating an entire Human. 3. Burmese Python's might also have a good chance of swallowing a human there are plenty of reports of them killing owners and swallowing their children. 4. Reticulted Pythons are pretty good candidates for maneaters and are the largest snakes alongside the Green Anaconda's and have been reported to have swallowed both women and children and the famous case of the one that swallowed the sleeping man. these snakes live in hot enviroments and will likely never threaten you as long as you stay away from them or are stupid enough to let it coil round you.

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