• The buisness I work at doesn't have those hours, they are open 10-9 and 10-10 on the weekends and people are inside working a few hours before that. So I guess the Idiot/owner of the place your talking about is the one who set the hours =-)
  • union leaders in the 1930s
  • What would you rather them be?
  • that was me, first idea was to work from 12:01 to 23:59 but that sounded way to much like motherhood & all the men wanted the better hours. you will be happy to know the world will be going to a schedual of just 1pm to 3pm tue & fri, sorry again about all the starvation & chaos this will cause but you must give the people what they want
  • This was originally considered bankers hours which I believe started in the early 1700 when stagecoaches would make bank runs. Many got robbed due to darkness so they wanted to make the hours so they have complete daylight while making their runs. Many business took on the same time to set their hours to match as this sounded like a good idea. As businesses picked up most businesses wanted to adjust the hours so they could add more shifts. However now it is basically up to the business owner of each place to set the hours they think is best for business. I know some that stay with the 9 to 5 are doing so for a parent to be home when their children are home or close enough daycare doesn't become a full shift deal for most of the labor force.
  • Probably the same idiot who made six-and-a-half hour school days.

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