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  • No, BUT considering the fact that you are 19 and this is the first time you have done it (talk about a late start!), it is not necessarily an abnormal occurrence. Given the fact that you are 19, and this is the first time ever that you have masturbated according to you, then its just that your body is not used to the exertion. You'd be surprised how many muscles are actually involved in the climax of male orgasm. You probably got so excited by the feeling that you over-exerted yourself and strained some abdominal muscles. It should go away soon and its nothing to worry about, but if you're in alot of pain you should maybe see a doctor. However, considering your age and that this is the first time you've done it, chances are very good that all that happened was a minor muscle strain related to over-exertion. Take it easier next time and wait a few days before you do it again.
  • Don't worry about it unless it consistently happens or the pain has not subsided after a day or two. I have to ask, what exactly were you doing? *But again this is not unheard of.

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