• First of all if you are sincerely in love, sun signs are no more impacting than the name you were given at birth. At best the information on sun signs interesting to look at, at worst they are used to restrict, limit and excuse behaviors as "wired in". If the love you have is maintained over and over through difficult times, then you have something.there. Romance may not for various reasons. It helps at an earlier stage in a relationship. (Assuming you are looking for something more meaningful and lasting than a short romantic sexual encounter).
    • Flipflopgal
      Sun signs have a massive impact. Aquarius and Pisces would find it hard to fall in love due to their polarised personalities and polarised ideals. If the two of them manage to be friends, they should count their blessings and stay friends. Nobody wants a partner who is on a completely different wavelength.
  • OH YOU ARE SO WRONG WRONG WRONG......SUNSIGNS are just the beginning of what you look at in a relationship. for the 'real deal' DO send for a compatibility'll cover all aspects of how you feel/react/think about each other............. I have done this myself over the years for people and it's amazing. you naysayers HAVE NEVER STUDIED ASTROLOGY OR USED IT IN ANY WAY......did you ever have your own birthchart done? why of course not; it'd be too revealing about what you are all about. SORRY FOLKS BUT it's ALL there.......your entire personality, etc. do yourselves a favor and order a romantic compatibility report for yourselves......YOU WILL LEARN LOTS OF THINGS AND BE AMAZED. one good reputable company is ASTROLABE.COM... or you can enter 'astrology compatibility reports' on a search engine and many good, established companies will come up. they will email your report to you, generally, in less than 24 hours for you to print out at home. DO IT.... you will not regret it........ as for you, original poster, you have shown your ignorance with your comments.........if a couple is 'sincerely in love' there's already the proof of some type of astrological attraction. oh well, I won't waste my time on your thinking........suffice it to say, the proof is against what you & your ilk think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Roaring
      I seemed to have struck a nerve. I did have my chart done twice. There are interesting correlations, But to limit myself based on them is to give too much credence to a juncture to only one of many births in our lifetimes. When my first teacher called us by our sun signs, the sense of being reduced to the one of twelve parameters. was far too limiting for me and far too small a lens to look through in relating to someone that I may have fallen in love with. There IS a synergy of love that transcends physiological/astrological birth influences. What I reject is any system that boxes in the dynamic range of life and love. We all have the freedom to attribute reasons after falling in love. I accept that love attraction is a mystery. As one dating site category choice says (Interesting to think about)
  • Gee Nikia, I never answered your basic question! well, my mom and dad were that; she Pisces, he, Aquarius....ended up in divorce.....after 17 yrs. HOWEVER I did look at there charts and the attraction was that her moon was same as his sun, and he had both sun/moon in's sun same as the other's moon is just ONE of the basics of attraction; there are many more, as astrology is not a simple subject!!! a famous couple you may know of, Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, are that combo' he's the Aquarius. now OBVIOUSLY my parents had something going for them at first, but my dad, sad to say, 'liked the ladies' and that's when the trouble started. NOT TO SAY you two couldn't spend your lives together....see, every birthchart is unique; every relationship also unique... It's only by comparing the two charts that some type of understanding can be made. Now obviously this is way too heavy a topic to deal with here, but if you send for a compatibility report, you'll see the strengths and weaknesses in your own relationship. Astrology was given to us so we could better undertand ourselves and those in our lives..........please do not listen to the naysayers who have never even given it a fair trial!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all for now!!!!!!!!
    • Flipflopgal
      Aquarius and Pisces are about as compatible as electricity and water. Everything one of them is, the other isn't. What one enjoys, the other destroys. It simply cannot work.
  • Bad match. Air and Water signs don't go together well at all, and it's even worse when they are next to each other in the Zodiac. I can't see that one working at all.

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