• I was never fond of playing games with people. I say that if both people in a relationship are not in it for each other or one is not feeling the love or needs to let go the best way to do this is like pulling a band aid off, quickly.
  • Iknow exactly what ur going throu thats how me and my boyfriend are... i dont kno what to do either...
  • I recently had to do that from a 3 year relationship. It was very hard but i made myself beleieve he was seeing someone else and that made it 99.9% easier for me because i coulddent go back. If its just a friendship you have a prob letting go , see other friends or go out lots or talk to people lots and have a laugh with them.. Do things that always keep your mind off them... At first say goodbye and tell them to take care etc but after that try and break away. With my ex we simply " drifted apart " i couldent have him again so i met my friends, we had a laugh.. i spent most time with family or doing stuff around the house to take my mind off him and now hes hardly on my mind at all. Its _TOUGH_ at first... Id be lying if i said it wasnt. Work out yr own ways to do it im just saying how i did it.. I said goodbye then took my attention from my ex and put it on my friends. Texted my friends instead of my ex etc. Good luck x
  • few months ago i was in yr position.. me and this 3 yr ex got bk tog and split 7 times and couple months ago i was begging anyone for help to get him back. And now ive let him go.. Ill be thinking of you cuz its a tough job to do :( *( added to my last comment )
  • Me again... I am so lost about all this. I have been trying to let him go, but then his world crashed around him. I didn't feel right trying to say good-bye then. Or it was just an excuse to not say good-bye. Now he is so distraught over his issues and has started to treat me worse than he was. Not intentionall of course. I really don't think he can think about my feelings at the moment. His pain is too great. But today he asked something of me that nearly killed me. Breaking my heart is putting it mildly. How can you love someone so much that you allow to be hurt so bad and want to come back?
  • Give them this poem over dinner in a public place. They won't make a scene or else the will just get up and walk out. Don't follow if they do. "If you love some one set them free. If they return to you it was meant to be." That is what my ex did for us. He was a wise beyond his years young man. Today we are closer as friends than we were as lovers. That was 35 years ago. And yes we still love each other dearly.

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