• I've had deep-fried turkey and it was marvelous
  • Yes, last Christmas. Always thought I would not like it, but it was tasty. Fried Chicken is still the best with this southern man.
  • girl! you have to ask me? deep fried cajun injected turkey......aaaaaaaeeeeee! dats sumkinda good
  • I've heard it's good, but I've yet to try it. Love to give it a try sometime. I eat very little fried food anymore since I've been watching my weight.
  • only way to eat turkey its the best
  • My buddy Joe is a fireman and they deep fry a couple of birds every Thanksgiving. It's really good.
  • Yes, I've had fried turkey several times and it's delicious. The outer skin fries up really crisp and the turkey meat inside comes out very moist and juicy. Best way to cook turkey, in my opinion. But, one has to be very careful when preparing it.
  • I've heard of it but never tried it
  • Love it!
  • sure, i use it in stir frys quite a lot.
  • No, but now I have to try it...
  • Yes I have and it was fantastic. I'd never even heard of it until a few years ago when a friend fried one up for thanksgiving. I have never seen a whole turkey disappear in one day before. NO LEFTOVERS! It was delicious!
  • yes yummy an juicy
  • Love fried turkey. It stands to reason though... Everything is good deep fat fried. I have learned over the years to fry only small turkeys, though. Large ones can get a "rind" about an inch thick before they are done in the center, where the small ones do not. And there's nothing more exciting than having flashpoint hot oil sitting on top of an open flame while you are drinking beer. It's not just a meal... It's an adventure.
  • I just tried fried turkey this past Thanksgiving. Our Oklahoman neighbors demanded we taste a bird prepared this way. I thought it was the height of redneck cooking, but it was absolutley delicious. Crispy on the outside, incredibly tender on the inside. I don't know that I'm up to cooking turkey this way, but I'll happily accept an invite for next Thanksgiving.
  • Yes, it's great. It's something I haven't done (surprise!!!) but my niece across the road does it often, all year long and she loves to have people over and share the bounty. Since she has all the things to do it and does it so well, I never felt like making it myself but I've always thought it would be fun :-)
  • It's rather tasty.
  • Yes, we deep fried a turkey one year for Thanksgiving and we've never cooked one traditionally since. Excellent!
  • Yes. It's delectably scrumptious.

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