• It is freezing in my house right now, I think I am gonna turn up the heat. Thanks for the motivation!
  • Downstairs too cold - upstairs just right.
  • Much much too cold!! There's something wrong with our furnace!!
  • Since we moved into the new house, especially the family room and the upsatirs bedrooms have been too chilly. The family room was an addition to the house and is not surrounded by other rooms like the rest of the house. That explains the cold. We have a fireplace there though, so it makes it nice and cozy :P
  • It's perfect except for about a month during the winter, when me switch on an oil-filled radiator for a couple of hours during the evening.
  • Mine is ALWAYS too HOT! We can never get it just right! I've never understood this.
  • Always too hot or too cold
  • It's usually too cold, but that's okay because I like burying myself in blankets:)
  • Mine varies throughout that whole range but it's usually just right. Actually my comfort level depends on more that just the absolute temperature of my house. My preferred house temperature is 73º when I'm at rest but if I'm working out or otherwise active then I like it cooler. When I go to bed or leave the house I turn off the heat. In those cases when I get up or return home it's too cold. In that case it's usually in the mid-60º range. The coldest my house has ever been is 57º. :o In December, 1983 we left for a week but I forgot to turn off my heat. When I returned the house temp was 100º. :0 When that happened I dressed down to just my shorts to save energy instead of turning on my A/C or opening any windows. During the summer my house is usually too hot because all I have for cooling are a few fans and a 13,000 BTU window A/C unit. I gotta get central A/C before this summer.
  • It's always too hot. Everyone else (other than me) likes the heating up full blast day and night! I'm sweating just typing this, man! Honestly!
  • It's usually just right though on the cold side. Most people think it's too cold. Sometimes they are right loL!
  • It's always too hot because I cannot stand the cold at all :-)
  • Both, my husband cranks the heat until I am ready to cook in my seat, then my mom gets home and freezes the place out, she will turn on the a/c when it it 40F outside. I can't wait to move into the new house, at least then only one person will mess with the temp.
  • I pretty much stay cold, and husband if often hot. So both.
  • downstairs too cold,upstairs too hot.any suggestions?
  • Mostly just right unless it's really hot outside. We don't have airco so there's not much to do except wait a day or two for the weather to get back to normal Belgian temps. :)
  • All thermostats have what is called hysteresis which means they warm the house up to 1 degree above what you set it to (too hot) then allow it to cool to 1 degree below what you set it to (too cold). All thermostats are like this because the engineers who design them don't understand that +/- 0.5 degrees would be much more comfortable most of the time.
  • Our house is always just right because we own an HVAC biz. ;-)
  • Just right, I always leave my central air condition at 70 degrees cool, just the way I like It =)
  • I keep my thermostat at 75 in the summer and 65 in the winter- however in the winter I came across the edenpure heater to heat and it does the trick. the site is
  • Too warm
  • Let me ask Goldilocks...she was the last one here.

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